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Thursday doors +

I cleared snow from the fallen tree just where this grouping is… I must have sat for 15,20 minutes… just taking in the fresh air, sunshine and bird activities. They were few today, even the squirrels seemed to be away on other business.

Enjoy the doors, you can see other doors today, by visiting The weekly feature Thursday Doors https://nofacilities.com/2021/02/25/waterbury-doors-thursdaydoors/

“I’ll do it later. No, I’ll do it now.” To make progress do anything while it is still fresh.

Perfect Liberty 2021.25

Yesterday’s blog, was a look through an open door.

Comments on: "Thursday doors +" (32)

  1. Very nice selection

  2. Great collection of doors.

  3. Beautiful doors, old or new, they open homes for us πŸ™‚

    A blessing, tat sweet chickadee . Thank you.

  4. I guess the addition of homes like this in established neighborhoods is how we get the eclectic mix we see in some cities, where it’s the old stately homes that stand out. They are beautiful doors, especially the one at the end.

    I’m glad you included the chickadee. It’s a wonderful little winter scene.

    • good morning Dan, I have mixed emotions, i love the clean modern designs.. especially the interiors they are so much more open and the homes seem to be full of windows.. Yet, when I drove through the old neighbourhood, there was a feeling of solid elegance that the older builds have.. when the stark newness stood out.. there was a disconnect.

    • LOL you and I know the wonderful old trees on lots that have been there for years, if they get cut down, can never be replaced in our lifetime.. In Ottawa we have laws about taking the older established trees down.. it is always interesting to see how developers get around that .. some of the new infill homes have no land to speak of.. and what they do have, they put down patio slabs.. some don’t even allow for patch of grass in their back yards.

      • I guess they don’t want to have to care for a small lawn (which often involves as much as a large one. It’s a good idea to protect those trees.

    • did you see Janet’s input. virtual hugs Dan!

  5. Hey – love the mix of doors with the white contemporary home that reminded me of a German neighborhood in one of the Jason Bourne movies.
    and I am also mixed on how the new homes go up right next to the old homes

    and love that bird photo and I am all with you on getting that 15 minutes+ outside πŸ™‚
    have a good day

    • good afternoon! I confess that today I made time even tho’ there were was a lot of snow to clear so that the birds could access some of the feeders. AND with the sun being stronger as the day wears on.. I’m loving the sun on my face.. I’m considering bringing a lawn chair .. =^_^=

      • oh you make me want to go outside in the sun right now (think i am going to do that)
        ahhh –
        and hope you have a nice rest of the day !

  6. Seeing these doors through the eyes of modern architecture, it’s interesting to notice how doors change with design.

  7. Lovely houses but that shot of the little bird stole the show for me.

    • Hi Jean… this morning there was a lot of snow we had a huge dump yesterday, I still made time after clearing the snow and giving them access to the feeders.. to sit. The little ones are getting bolder.. sometimes they land on my arm to get to the seeds/nuts in my measuring cup I use to fill the feeders… they know.. they are training me I’m sure.

  8. What a peaceful morning meditation, I bet the bird enjoyed it too

    • I am thinking it could be habit forming, I had to much snow to clear this morning to have much time to just sit.. but I managed. I am liking it. Even though branches were heavy laden with snow.. I just put my hood up and sat… =^_^=

  9. Nicholas Vrtis said:

    The Chicago suburb where my parents lived had a law that made it difficult to build a NEW house, but you could still remodel. So it was not uncommon to see somebody purchase two houses adjacent to each other. Tear them both down so only the frame of one room in each remained. Then proceed to ‘remodel’ into a huge single house.

  10. I understand what you were talking about with Dan about the mixing of older and newer homes. When we lived in the Midwest, there seemed to usually be a good variety of styles. Here in the Phoenix area, most of the houses are Spanish/Southwest style and anything else seems rather odd. There’s one neighborhood near us called Agritopia and all the homes there look like they could be set down anywhere in the Midwest. I’m also with you on preserving trees when building.


  11. HI Janet, thanks for the input.. I am so into preserving our trees, it makes me very sad when I see one has been cut down to make way for a bigger building.. ugh.

  12. A good set of doors. You did well to show us the chickadee regardless.

  13. Interesting houses, yes. The bird…so sweet.

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