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Does each branch tell a story, did someone come along and place another walking stick with the others. Questions that came to mind while I wandered the other day. I myself will pick up a branch to walk along with when I feel like I might wander a bit off the well worn paths. So many thoughts go through my mind when I am exploring a new path, sometimes it is one I’ve been on before .. but.. it is never the same… Where the sun is in the sky, or if a cloud passes by, all contribute to the shadows and shade that play on the textures of the trees, fauna and bark.

Hmmm should it rain or should it not – is that the question of the day? Sky was overcast, dull and gray.. yay that rhymes with day… let me see, not being very productive here. If it is not raining than I should go for my walk before I need to attend to “business”…

Reminder, today”s calendar..

Let’s begin today with a smile. Let’s start the day with a positive outlook, looking forward to what we can discover.

Perfect Liberty 2021.12

When we hesitate, it is only because we need to give ourselves a gentle push. – good morning to everyone who is just starting the day, such as myself, if you are already well into your day.. I hope it has been a wonderful day for you so far. Stay positive and stay safe.


This was my only walking pal with me yesterday when I walked.

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  1. Oh I like your photo of the mourning dove. We haven’t seen any here yet this spring. Thanks for the positive vibes. It’s been a lovely day here.

    • it was so casual, I’ve seen them at both dewberry and Mer Bleue, they make such a lovely cooing sound.. waves a good evening to you… muah..

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