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Perfect Liberty 2021.13

Today was such a full day, I had to exercise my creative cells, I’ve go a couple of squirrels who have been digging their way into the upper part of the house… the neighbour saw where they were getting in.. the hole was blocked up earlier today, the first fix had to be added too because they began to eat the roof tiles trying to get at the wood under the roofing.. AND they pulled and tugged trying to get the metal covering off. Tonight when I went out with the dogs, I heard this scolding and chattering .. she was on the roof running back and forth, screaming and nattering… wow.. she wants in. She is not happy. I’ll have to monitor the situation. Anyone else had…

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  1. Nicholas Vrtis said:

    Moth balls discourage squirrels. Toss a handful inside the roof if you can still get in or at least around the patch.

    • been wondering if she has babies left inside… but its too late now.. its ben very well sealed up. and wire mesh over the corner of the roof where she was chewing and ripping.

      • Nicholas Vrtis said:

        If you refer to them as Tree Rats instead of squirrels it keeps them in perspective.

    • maybe, but her heart is broken, i don’t need to speak squirrel to understand heart wrenching cries. Of course I have to harden my heart, cuz I can’t have her indoors with me.. no matter what she thinks of the situation.

      • Nicholas Vrtis said:

        Now, why do you assume it’s a “she”, with a broken heart? Why not assume it’s a “he” who is very upset with you and has been calling you all sorts of nasty squirrel names. Upset because you have locked him out of his “man cave”, and now has to go back and actually work on fixing up the old place.

        (smiles innocently)

  2. Years ago a neighbour watched a squirrel enter our loft. He advised me to set a trap. The next morning I found a frantic, bleeding, squirrel in cage. Alongside the cage was a bucket of water and a pair of thick gloves. It was obvious what I was expected to do. I couldn’t. I set the animal free. My neighbour was very disappointed with me.

    • oh dear. the squirrel didn’t try to come back. this one is outside now in the tree in t he far corner of the yard .. as soon as she saw me she began to make those sounds that she is making.. it is heartbreaking… but she is not hurt.. however, she cannot get back in, and for the first time in months, I am able to sleep without scurrying in the wall over my head or behind my head. Someone has suggested moth balls, and I was told there is a spray .. but the hole is blocked now.. and her access is no longer available to her. From inside, I’ve had someone checking all winter, we set traps, nothing.

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