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Monday musing

Lost in time

Welcome to my secret world – a place where time stand still

no two people who wander down the well walked paths, will see or feel the same things…

One can search and search for what is often, right before us

stand still, look around, a single baby shoot, breaking through the ground

is life at its finest. That is life awakening to a new season, a new cycle of beginnings

each day is a brand new canvas – be the artist in you, allow your inner self to shine

explore every dimension of your self. for you are a wonderful part of this world we live in.


PL Precept #18 Each moment is a turning point.

Comments on: "Monday musing" (6)

  1. Definitely a secret world – especially in terms of solitude.

    • Good morning Frank, yes solitude is a good word, the deeper you go .. the quieter it becomes, even the singing of the birds blends in and you simply become ONE in the moment. I used to get that walking along the Atlantic when I lived on the coast.

  2. I love this secret world. The quiet, the peace, the all out serenity. May it ever remain.

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