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Sun and shadows

I tried to be early enough to miss the onslaught of mosquitos, I did succeed somewhat.. I was heavily veiled in an insect repellent.. it wasn’t too bad, but they were swarming around looking for an opening.. they don’t kid around. I tell myself, the birds and woodland creatures will love feasting on them.

Value your intuition. When you suddenly have an “A-Ha”_ moment, or when a thought pops into your mind, it is God sending you a message. As soon as you notice something, you should act upon it right away.

Perfect Liberty 2021.19

The moment I step in to the nature trail, where-ever it may be.. I feel a sense of serenity slip over me that is just awesome. Having such moments, makes every day a beautiful day!

live your life to the fullest!

Comments on: "Sun and shadows" (9)

  1. Canadian mosquitoes are legendary! Not sure why, but all those wetlands probably have something to do with it. 😉 I’ve been thinking maybe the repellent I recommended isn’t strong enough? DeepWoodsOff! might be a better choice? Maybe ask your birding buddies what they use. Perhaps a hat with mosquito netting! 😉

    • LOL.. now you tell me! I’m a city girl… … yes I saw the Deep Woods when I got the other.. for the next couple of days, I’m busy will miss my outings..AND we are getting hotter weather.. That translate to HOT -indoors with central air. xxoo

  2. I always wear a mosquito net to keep them away from me.

    • where does one get that? does it go over a hat? I actually have a hat I got in Japan to keep the sun off.. but no netting.. – waves good evening !!

  3. You made good use of the early shadow-light

    • there is a magic at that time of the morning.. especially when already everyone is awake and the woodlands are alive with activity…. the creatures of the night have retired =^_^= to rest.
      Good morning!

  4. For some reason, mosquitoes find me quite delicious. 😜

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