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hiking brigade

Good afternoon, what an interesting morning… I started by clearing away more of the dead branches that litter the area where I had the feeders in the winter. As the new growth really takes hold, it will not be as easy to get at “stuff”. I am hoping that the younger trees will be able to grow stronger, giving me good branches to use come the winter season.

found by Daniel R. off the trail this year.. further up from the ones I found yesterday *
crossed my path this morning.. he disappeared before I got to my camera, .( internet photo)
  • Daniel was telling me where he found the spine there was a big hole, in it he found hairs – white fur with roots a beige colour.
  • Another regular who hikes this trail, was saying that the bones I found yesterday, could have been dumped??

Guess we have a mystery, that may or may not ever be solved, but the adventure of discovery is fun, and for sure engaging.

New encounters can help you change. Be up for anything, even if it’s out of your comfort zone. This is a chance for you to improve yourself as a human being.

Perfect Liberty 2020.30
love is unconditional stay safe, be well!

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  1. Nature’s grim tally

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