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Wednesday’s teaching

Easy is the seed of ease . It is often said that “raku” is the seed of pain and bitterness is the seed of ease,” but when you thank “raku” and wish for the happiness of others, “raku is the seed of ease,” even more happiness comes around.

If you illusion that you have gained comfort as if it were your own power and forget to appreciate it, you will be a source of pain.

PL teaching from Japan as received 9.22.21

I will ask my “teacher” what she means, the translation or definition I found for raku is

History and Etymology for raku Japanese, literally, pleasure; from the use of the character for this word on a seal given to the family of the potter who introduced the style.

I will reflect on this passage.. I see it as a reminder that we are to be appreciative and grateful, not take things for granted.. not think only of ourselves but importantantly think of the happiness of others.

Your thoughts?


Pouring but going to check feeders anyway. Have a good day everyone!!

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