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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Quebec has to be the most beautiful Province in Canada. BC is great and so is Nfld. but Quebec has this rustic charm that never fails to enchant. AND because the further inland you go in the Province, the more you experience the cultural difference, the feeling of being “elsewhere” (other than in English Canada) is front and centre. If you ever want a special experience, visit “la Belle Province” – not for the big city experience tho’, unless you visit Montreal or Quebec City, but for geographical landscapes,(nature) rivers, lakes, skiing (winter) hunting/fishing during the right seasons… it is a breath of fresh air.

Always pray “for the happiness of others and Society’ Praying only for your own wishes is not the true way we should be. Strive to do things for the sake of others, and pray for their happiness as well.

Perfect Liberty 2012.23

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