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Chinese Lanterns from my garden

When they dry, I bring them in .. the leaves have gone, there only remains the lanterns on their stems.. they make lovely centre pieces, or arrangements that brighten up the seasons when we are indoors more. I was told they hold spiritual pods inside that have gathered their energy from the sun during their growing season. =^_^= Because I love the idea of having the natural elements of the Universe sprinkled throughout my living space, these are “gems” that I enjoy all year long.

Do everything willingly and joyfully. Your upbeat attitude will make things more cheerful and enjoyable.

Prefect Liberty 2021.18

Refreshing greetings not only enrich your mind, but also make the other person’s heart feel good. When you say hello, stretch your chest, raise your head and cheer up with a smile.

Japanese to English 2021/10/18

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  1. These do make a lovely dried for winter use. They are not so easy to find anymore. Every farmstand used to offer them for sale in the fall.

  2. I haven’t seen Chinese lanterns since I was a child. What type of weather do they need to grow?

    • Good morning, they grow vigorously here, I use them for a ground cover in the front yard under my Saskatoon Berry. I’m in Canada, 4 seasons.. I will cut them back as soon as the green leaves start falling off.. in the spring they come back. They get the morning sun. I live between Toronto and Montreal.. they get a good growing season each year. I hope they brought happy memories =^_^= sends happy smiles your way!

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