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a day in the woods

I posted these yesterday, but wanted to use them again today, why.. I stood for some time at the bridge looking at those two logs.. wondering how they got there, and if I wanted to move them.. errr.. it was a thought, I didn’t attempt to move them. They were wrapped in a light icing of ice… and I didn’t have on my Bogs (water boots) … eepps I can hear and see the fingers pointing, honest it was just a thought I did not attempt in any way shape or form to move the logs.. it will have to wait till spring now =^_^=

The fungus on the tree was another moment in time. I wanted to pull out my chair (it was in the trunk of my car) sit and just visit with the display. The fungi was growing out in a number of places on the one trunk. There was such a variety of shapes and colour patterns. Life is so colourful and textured!

The log end, I want to see its progress over the winter, how it will pretty up as the snow and ice build on it. Right now.. what little snow is there .. may or may not stay depending on the weather we get in the next while. However the ground does seem to be already settling into “frozen” mode.

Be free of your attachments. If you are obsessed with doing something in only a certain way, it narrows your choices. Keep your options open and be flexible.

Perfect Liberty 2017.11

Will the day ever come when I will not marvel at how wonderful the world is we live in. I hope not.

I appreciate you ALL…


Comments on: "a day in the woods" (4)

  1. Nicholas Vrtis said:

    What is it with you wanting to move large, heavy objects? You have been stuck at home because you tried to move a heavy object. You get back out and the FIRST thing you think about it is “Let’s do that again!”…

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