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cold day

The forecast said cold, blistering winds and a possible 1.5 inches of snow. While I was out, the snow seemed to be on its way, but there were no signs of it., the sky was that cold gray that often is an indicator — but.. luck held… while in the woodland, it didn’t make an appearance.

Different story when I came out of my last destination. The parking lot was clear and dry, but 1/2 hour later when I came out.. my car was completely covered and people leaving were having to make time to clear their cars before driving away. Someone didn’t have her brush/scraper with her… I was sure I had put one in the car, but if I did, I wasn’t finding it. It was time to do what needed to be done, I used my arm and hands…. thankfully I wasn’t far from home. As soon as I got out of the car, I found the scraper and brush and put them on the back seat. !!! done!!!

You gain strength through your hardships. Whatever you learn easily or master effortlessly tends to be forgotten. The lessons you gain through repeated mistakes are what gives you genuine strength.

Perfect Liberty 2014.29

All the summer vegetation is gone, once again we can see the forest floor and see through and beyond the shrubs and trees that line the roadway. I watched hoping to catch a glimpse of a wild turkey or two. Didn’t linger long.. the cold was creeping into my bones.


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  1. The frosty day is creeping into my joints ..yucky.

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