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Female Evening Grosbeak

Good Morning meet our queen of the woodlands theses days, Our female Evening Grosbeak that has been at the feeders these pasts weeks. These photos were taken by photographer “Sasha” for now if you want contact information, please text or contact me. Sasha is another faithful “bird photographer” who patiently waits for the birds to “pose” for him. The top two really show her precious little face and her expressions.

Praying before taking action changes the outcome. Have clear wishes and do your best. Then something new will open up for you.

Perfect Liberty 2022.27

Comments on: "Female Evening Grosbeak" (11)

  1. Beautifully captured by Sasha. The last one is my favorite. Good ending quote, too.

    • I first saw one last winter.. I love their facial expressions.. thank you.. we warmed up today its only -16 or some other silly number.. sends a virtual hug

  2. She truly is beautiful

  3. A charming bird! A noble bird! A hungry bird. Thanks for the lovely images.


    • Hey Stan, one of my friends in Japan sent me picture of her garden.. it has a blanket of snow!!! stay warm.. do you remember the smell of fresh cut cedar.. during the winter when it cold, it still has an aroma.. and it only gets better….

  4. Wonderful captures & bird!

  5. A beautiful bird… esp. those bright males. Are you seeing many this year? They seldom come here anymore.

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