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You are the result of your daily efforts. Put your whole heart into everything you do in your daily life. Your true self will shine through.

Perfect Liberty 2022. 20

I actually took a long walk around the bog the other day. It was quiet, the sky was a clear blue, not a cloud in sight. I took my time, treating myself to my own thoughts. Letting my mantra slip in and out, a gentle whisper .. I repeated it.. quietly, letting the sounds carry through the crisp morning air. I encourage others to meditate, make time for themselves.. and I am guilty of not always doing so myself.

Today at a concert, the performer was having a difficult time getting his equipment to function as it should.. sensing his frustration, without saying anything out loud or to anyone, I focused on him and said a silent prayer… He told me later, that he thought he would have to cancel, he’d been trying everything, and then .. bingo.. 2 minutes before air time, he was connected and everything fell into place. (nope never said a word to him… but I know prayer helped..)

I do believe in the power of prayer and positive thinking. I do believe that we are composed of an energy field that wraps itself around us, how we think, feel and act.. affects this energy field. I’ll go even further to say, that music .. which to me, is also “energy” can be a positive influence in our lives.

The bench you see above is at one of the conservation areas I go to. I pass it often. seldom do I take advantage of it.. I prefer instead to walk a little further and sit on one that is further in the woods and often secluded and shielded from the other visitors to the centre.

Are you making time for yourself.? . Are you smiling from within… does the smile on your face, reach and radiate from your eyes?

Here is song to send you into a “dream” space https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=MqgdQnu-Idw&feature=share It is called another Dance in Paris by Dave Renz featuring Larry Marshall

I have always (ok almost always) listened to music with words.. Dave has been introducing me to instrumentals. This is one he wrote for his Dead Drop recordings.


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  1. Hello there. I really enjoyed this post and can picture you silently praying for the man’s technology to work. It’s nice to have benches like this to sit along the path. When our current foster has run out of energy or is panting, these make for a nice break.

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