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Life is ART

When you select 7 pictures and only one shows up on your screen… you work with the one that shows up,

It was on the cool side during my early morning walk, I saw the valiant little faces along the side of the path I was on…. they looked so cheerful .. hopeful even. Didn’t matter they were somewhat tired, they were stretching up towards the sun… wanting to catch what warmth was being offered.

I felt a kinship with them. I was happy, the walk was refreshing and the birds that were around kept me company chirping away and singing as they flew about their business. For the first time since early spring I saw lots of crows this morning, they were showing up everywhere. That cheered me too, you know I love my crows and ravens. I realized that after continuous trips down the road I was on, the landmarks were very familiar to me… the fallen trees, the broken limbs, the rotting stumps… all seemed to wave and greet me as I passed. I was even noticing where animals had crossed over to the other side and made paths in the overgrown vegetation. I was tempted to take one of the paths to see where it led… but decided to save it for another day, I still had to get to the other location that I go to each morning. Yes, that moment didn’t escape me either. I have become set in my routine…

Because I am alone on the road, no one is around for miles, I hear myself talking out loud at times. Musing, when I hear a thought spoken out loud, I reflect on it in a different way than if it is just a thought in passing. I met a man with an interest in insects.. I could see him looking carefully at the trees and objects close to where he was standing. He would bend and poke at the ground, move the tall stalks/stems of plants, look under and around the leaves. by the time I reached where he was standing, I was curious enough to ask him if he had lost something. “No, not at all” he replied “I’m looking for insects that might not have made it through the night because of the frost.” I beamed, I had just learned something new. I would never have thought of looking for dead insects.

My walk did produce two more broken tree limbs that I can whittle. big grin. You see, he probably thought I was weird too, he would have seen me walking along whittling a decaying branch as I was coming his way. When I find them, they have been lying on the ground, they are not pretty, often wet and dirty, maybe of interest to a dog, but again, maybe not.. they are not that big and until I take off the rotting outer bark, look rather shabby, Because nights have been cold, they are not only wet but cold. You can feel the cold coming off them sometimes numbing the fingers till they start to warm up,

When I got to Mer Bleue I was late, having spent so much time walking and rambling at P23… there were signs the wild turkeys had been there, the ground was cleaned and you could see their foot prints and pawing. I fed the Blue Jays and put out grain for the nuthatch and chickadees etc. then started to pack up to leave.. Suddenly I had about a dozen wild turkeys running towards me.. looking for their treats.. how did they know .. I had not seen a hint of their presence, had it been the sound of the Jays calling to each other and the chipmunk and squirrels chattering over the peanuts? Whatever it was, they were suddenly very much there.

It is interesting how many people are thrilled to see them up close, I am going to have to look up how to tell a male from a female, I must have been asked a dozen times today, and I haven’t a clue. I had an appointment to get to and had to leave.. but not before I saw a lot of happy faces admiring and taking pictures of the wild turkeys.

In life we never know what the future will bring… if you had told me years ago that I would become a bird fancier I would have thought you nuts, Perhaps even unhinged… yet.. here I am today a certified wild turkey fan. Well, not just the turkeys.. I am especially fond of the ravens and crows. If I am quiet about it, no one will know =^_^=

Life is ART

Begin each day with a renewed sense of appreciation. Let’s make each day meaningful, live life with appreciation and gratitude. Live the PL WAY

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  1. Do you know the site http://www.allaboutbirds.org? I think you would enjoy it, very educational. There you can ID any bird, plus hear their calls, breeding and migratory habits.

    • thanks Eliza I went and bookmarked the site.. I saw males.. mine must be the young ones that are perhaps in juvenile stage? If they keep coming around, I’ll get to see how they mature over time. .. thank YOU..

  2. We get the turkeys at our house. They are a treat to watch, but much more skittish than your friends!

    • do you know how to tell the male from the female? Believe me.. I have had to work at it… they will never be “pets”… but they do allow me close.. so I can get a good picture…

      • Males are more likely to have that “beard” sticking out from their chests (though some females have them). The males have more wattle and in breeding season get brighter red heads.

    • I’m appreciating them more and more as I spend time with them.

  3. These caught images my attention. No turkeys in our neighborhood. Ha!

  4. You can see the difference in photos of male vs female turkeys and get more I.D. info here: https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Wild_Turkey/id

  5. I see no pictures, but your prose makes up for it. If you can walk along whittling your legs must be better.

  6. My brief morning walk was interrupted by a passing rain shower. 💦

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