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Thursday Doors NZ +

I can only begin to imagine what the fragrance must be around that wisteria at the time Shirley took the pictures. For more pictures of doors around the world, visit Dan’s site for today’s Thursday door feature. Being a Penquins fan, I was delighted today to see his own post features doors from Pittsburgh, PA. Here is the link…https://nofacilities.com/2022/10/13/driving-by-pittsburgh-doors/

Thanks to Eliza I was on a site that had a picture of a male wild turkey.,

sorry I can’t find the photographer’s name I searched again this morning, she was from Ontario Canada.
photographer Antonio Salvadori, 2007 Texas, USA

and here is a picture of the ones I am getting at Mer Bleue..

Good Morning everyone, my eyes are tired already from trying to find the photographer for the top photo.. time marches forward.. wishing you all a happy Thursday, this is today’s PL Calendar quote of the day.

You can only change yourself. Before you start telling people how they should do things, think of how you can be more flexible.

Perfect Liberty 2022.13

Dan, thanks again for the pictures of Pittsburgh, you just saved me a long drive.=^_^=. I have been a Penguins fan for years.. not because I was a huge hockey fan, but because I loved penguins, and besides friends live in Philly and are Flyers fans. ^^^ you know how it is ^^^ Go Penguins !!!!!!


He shoots – He SCORES !!!!!!!! I think there is a game in October between Pittsburg and the Canadians Oct. 17, they play the Maple leafs Nov. 11 the Senators on Jan. 18/23 But the only one that will have me checking the scores will be NOV 25 when they play the Flyers. (hahahah).. hey.. not me, I’m not a hockey fan!

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  1. I love the doors, especially the one I imagine is/was a small chapel. It’s so great to find a Penguins fan in Canada (and someone opposed to the Flyers). I love visiting Philadelphia, but Pittsburgh sports are my teams. If you like penguins, check out this post from one of our visits to Pittsburgh – https://nofacilities.com/2021/08/04/family-fun-1linerweds/ – It’s from the National Aviary. We almost always visit there. They have an exhibit of endangered African Penguins (and they recently had a birth). That post includes a short video.

    Let Go Pens!

  2. Glad you found the site helpful. From your photo, I’d guess those two in the foreground would be male juveniles, but hard to judge!

    • one of the ladies at the site with me today thought that most of them were male juveniles.. guess we will know more as hey continue to develop.. waves hello…

  3. Love the colors on that turkey. And the doors 😊


  4. patricialebrun03gmailcom said:

    Bonsoir Dymoon, j’apprécie toute les couleurs que l’automne nous donnent c’est une très belle saison, toi vas -tu bien, nous sa va bien. Je reviens à notre belle saison de notre balcon j’ai une très belle vue quand je me lève le matin je regarde dehors avec un bon café j’admire les couleurs c’est tellement beaux MAKOTO DANS TOUTE CE FAIT.

    Bonne soiree🌹


  5. That wisteria must have been amazing to smell and I love the look with the derelict building. I’m a big hockey fan. My original team many, many years ago was the Montreal Canadians but having lived in the Chicago area recently, I’m now a Blackhawks fan as well as a Rangers fan because my favorite player from the Blackhawks was traded to them. 🙂


    • LOL I’m NOT really a hockey fan, its been in my life tho’ since school days .. after all I’m Canadian, and grew up either with friends who were Toronto fans or Montreal… now of course Ottawa has its own club the Senators. I know the sport, my first husband was a die hard Blackhawks fan, and of course my son is a a Blackhawks fan. But when I parted with my first husband all those years ago.. I said I would never have another hockey game on in my home EVER…LOL and I pretty much have kept to that. My second husband. my dearest and best friend who I lost to cancer just a few years back, bless his heart loved all sports, but now in this day and age, there is usually more than one TV in the house.. =^_^= .. he also like the first one was in the media but he was a newsman so he was content to look at ALL sports, keep up with what was happening all over the world etc. He wasn’t focused in on one team/sport.. and we were past the age where every game night buddies had to come over and watch etc.
      I’ve had a giggle with this last post, Dan (Thursday Doors and No Facilities) is a Penguins fan, and I love Penguins .. to save my sanity in a world where so many people love the sport, I picked a team I could adopt and sort of follow at a distance. I discovered there was a Pittsburg team the Penguins, I adopted them. I have friends in Philly so… it makes it fun… Even have a Penguins T shirt. thanks for giving me a big grin this morning.
      PS.. and it IS the BEST team in ever.. right….ahahahahahaa

      • Hockey’s come a long way since the six original teams. I grew up in Omaha and we were Montreal’s farm team so you can imagine how good the players were. All would be in the NHL now. Glad you enjoyed my detour in hockey. Enjoy the weekend.

  6. Lovely photos, especially the chapel and the wisteria. The fragrance must be heavenly.

    • I know…. I tried to grow wisteria here where I live.. it grew but only had flowers once.. and then it began dying back.. our winters are just too cold, and growing season not long enough… it has such a wonderful fragrance!

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