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stop the car!

Layers – “stop the car” I’d shout.. “stop the car !! look over there, sheep!!” that was back when I was doing a lot of felting. Now roving and materials for felting are available almost everywhere there is a hobby or craft section in stores. But when I was knee deep in working with organic products, to sculpt my designs with felt, I had to find the sheep that would then lead me to the shepherds who tended them to find a source for fleece/roving.

Now.. I stop the car for photographic images that flash before me as I make my way into conservation landscapes… where every day there is a different wonder for me to discover. The little voice in my head will persist… “stop the car” if I procrastinate… sometime I want to go just a little further, because I don’t like the way a power line crosses in my view, or a tree is leaning in on the shot I think I want.

You know what happens.. When I hesitate (which I can do) I miss the shot!!!! Why, every moment counts when the sun is coming up…every few feet I keep moving forward, I am loosing that moment and the “excitement” that caught my attention, has faded or lazily changed before my eyes. The cloud has changed its shape,… or the red has faded to a pink and the pattern of the backdrop is blocked by a fallen tree… you get the drift..

Perception is important. Take immediate action once you suddenly perceive. You might discover something important in what you perceive.

Perfect Liberty 2023.9

The day I took this picture, there was a Nuthatch or it could have been more than one, all I know the air was filled with their song, it was pure magic. I was out of the car, I was standing by a stand of trees when the song began… it was a “stop the car” moment tho’… I stood stalk still, listened for where it was coming from, and headed to where I could get a picture. Of course without my Nikon, I got the landscape, but that’s OK, this was taken with the Pixel 7…I am just learning the phone..The one layer you can see the ice covering the outstretched limbs. then the top layer with the sun breathing fire unto the branches.. was for me a super WOW moment.

Hope your day is filled with “stop the car” moments.

There is nothing we can’t do! One way or another, we do it!

Comments on: "stop the car!" (9)

  1. That certainly was a stop the car moment. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. Carol Westover said:

    INSIGHT–it happens in a split second, and then it’s as though you’ve known/believed it all of your life. Inside your mind, you accept it and feel as though the knowledge was always there, but you hadn’t been aware of it.

  3. In our gloomy, rainy, and depressive November and December weather, this beautiful sunny tree’s tops make the mood bright and optimistic.

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