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after the storm

The skies were so beautiful today, the shadows cast pretty patterns across the white snow. Wednesday when the storm hit, the sky was dark and angry, we were hit with ice pellets, snow, freezing rain and raging winds that howled and ripped across the counties with a vengeance. On the Quebec side of the river, over 1.5 million homes were without hydro. On this side of the river we were in over 65000 down. Hydro workers would just get one grid up and the winds would tear down more trees .. power lines fell and many were left in the dark. Even now as I write this, there are still homes without power. What a way to spent the “Easter” long week-end.

Today I toured two of the trails in the conservation areas I tend to spend a lot of time at. The one tree that you see in the lower left hand, had a girth to it that required my climbing over it very carefully. I admit it was an exercise I could have done without. but it was either climb over it, or walk back to the parking lot and take another route. Thankfully I was fit enough to accomplish the task at hand. Because it was a holiday week-end, and there has been so much devastation… there were less people wanting to hike the trails. This is good. I and others will go around and do our best to locate the areas that will require the attention of trained forest workers to come and remove the fallen trees, limbs and the debris that is littered all over the forest floor.

The skies were blue, but if there are winds of any kind, trees with deep wounds/cracks that have not been toppled could do so… see example in middle picture upper row of another possible danger.This coming week, we are told it will be very mild.. hopefully work crews will get in to take a look at the possible dangers in the green spaces we have around the city and surrounding countryside. Until then, the NCC has closed some of the parks/conservation areas, the areas that remain open .. are ones that so far seem to be alright, but there hasn’t been time yet for crews to get around to all areas. Please practice caution. Stay on the trails.. bring a walking stick if you have one… be prepared. This is also mating season for some of the animals, ie. wild turkeys.. if they are showing signs of aggression, keep your distance.

Make today a “give back day” We can live our daily lives owing to our ancestors, our elders, and the work of our predecessors. Above all, kindness for others is the best way to give back.

Perfect Liberty 2023.11

Reminder, on Tuesday the 11th. Service/Ceremony will be at 10 a.m

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  1. Sorry to hear it. We had only heavy rain and thunderstorm by that day.

  2. Have a nice weekend too! We experience the same “oven” πŸ™‚ heat here. To hot and off season. However, it is better than the bitter winter cold.

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