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Happy Monday

west end Munster 4

I confess to being a back road junky.  I will take wrong turns or continue along a road, just because.  I love to see the different landscapes, colours, building and whatever else cannot be seen while we are driving on a main road. Admittedly, I sometimes find myself on a country road that I had no intention of being on..  Usually that is when I find something that cries out to me.. Stop… come back,  and I do.  I pull over, there is little to no traffic,  put on my emergency lights and get out.

west end Munster 1In the summer or in other seasons where foliage and filled in landscapes, catch the eye, the buildings can go unnoticed.  Not the other day,  I stood on the empty road, and just took in the quiet, the different shades of blue/gray in the skies, and the personality of the building that once was.

west end Munster 6

west end Munster 5

Somehow the snow and the wisps of dried vegetation that poked out here and there, gave the building a charm, I don’t know would be there when the trees were in full bloom.  Maybe in the fall with the autumn colours.  Come September/October, if I remember, and IF I can find it again.  I should check it out.

west end Munster 3

Time to find a main road, so that I can get back on track, do what needs doing and head home …

Today is a hospital day.  Please keep us in your prayers, send positive, healing energy, we will hear today, what the doctors have put together for us.

Know that we appreciate all the kinds words, your thoughtful caring “presence” in our lives is truly a blessing.

Blessings be….


*#29  Be Cheerful and Easygoing

Everything has a way of turning out alright in the end.  Relax and always try to think positively *

PL Calendar *


X @ inspire park_001After reading what another blogger had shared with me via her blog, I meditated on what she said, and what others wrote.  Topic was that of isolation, Isolation brings to mind a couple of adjectives   When I was in hospital once, due to the physical  symptoms  my body was having after eating at a restaurant I was placed in isolation, (quarantine).  This meant that I was set apart from others on the floor, but I was not alone, although the walls around me meant I didn’t get to see anyone else on the floor, I knew there were other patients on the ward.  I was never really alone either because there was always  a nurse or technician hovering or doing something to me or around me.

When I traveled during the time in my life when I was going to various places on work, or assignments,, I did so on my own. Stayed in cities where I knew no one. In theory I was alone, yet I was always surrounded by people, so is that alone?  When speaking at a large gathering, addressing an auditorium full of people, I would stand alone at the podium, that was not isolation, but I was apart from the crowd.  Words and perspectives are interesting aren’t they. In my friend’s case she was talking about her life and family, and her first hand experience with the world of autism.  Please see  the following link to read Ann’s blog  autism. http://annkilter.com/2014/03/05/battling-isolation/

Some of us make the choice to live in seclusion, or to be private, other times the Universe, places us in situations where the isolation is not of our own making, still we are here for a reason, the key to understanding and achieving is to “listen” “learn” and take the next step,   There is a time for action and a time for rest. We are NEVER alone, we may choose to think we are, but ALWAYS we are connected to the GOD/Tao .  GOD is LIFE.

!cid_2_1770918552@web160903_mail_bf1_yahooYou may not know the person walking beside you, or coming towards you, but he/she is walking here on earth for a purpose, you may be different, but you are still part of Nature.  Whatever your reality, someone else is sharing it with you.  Reach out and touch someone today, say I love you and enjoying how good it feels.  S M I L E   its catching!!!!     Blessings today, tomorrow and always.    Oyashikiri

photo 1 – 2nd life -virtual photography

photo 2 – inventory




Shudder.. I heard that word so often while I still worked in a Corporate Health Care setting. (Teaching Hospital) When newsletters/memos came out with “downsizing” as the featured item, or, even when it was an statement tucked down further in the reading material, we all saw it, and we all felt the little frisson down the spine to the tail bone.

Downsizing comes up again in later years, when a family looks at the house they are currently living in, and realize that where it suited n active growing family, times had/have changed, and the remaining home dwellers find it “too much” to look after.

As our life changes occur, we find that the decor, “trappings” we have surrounding us, often, are redundant. We can keep adding, making changes, but what happens then… you look around and find you have no “breathing” space. there is too much clutter.

It is hard to pass along objects that hold memories, or are simply “stash” tools, inventory for those “to happen” creative expressions, that you have yet to get to. My Mother, had a loom and boxes of wool and materials for when she retired. they took up all of one room. She finally retired, but by then, her interest and activities in her day to day still kept her too busy to get to the once loved hobby she had so long planned for. When she downsized, guess what was still waiting, and what we (the children) had to find homes for..

I’ve been downsizing for years now. Really and truly I really have been. I’m enthusiastically pulling out, packing and preparing boxes for the goodwill, and giving this and that away to friends. It is amazing the “material objects” I’ve acquired over time.

Finally, I say with optimism, I’m seeing a light at the end of the long hallway. I hear myself explaining to my patient, loving husband, how getting a new iPhone will help me to downsize even further. In getting this new “desired tech toy” I will eliminate having to carry around with me a relatively new Samsung Tablet that I just had to have when it came out, my efficient little Sony Cyber-shot camera that never seems to be with me when I want to snap a picture, and of course my pay as you go phone.
Hmm my inner voice says in my other ear… are you making sense On one hand it sounds good, in my little purse, I will only have one item, the iPhone My other ear, is hearing my husband mentally calculating this new “downsizing” venture of mine. (years of marriage does this, once we are open to this little exchange, they are very helpful) I have been going on and on about an iPhone for a year or two now. Somehow I have always managed to get “something else” so that the iPhone has remained a “want to have” item.

The Samsung came home with me, instead of the iPhone,(iPad) my HTC (Windows phone) was another purchase that came home instead of the iPhone. I think the reality is that I’m tired of wanting product X and always settling for something else. I get the iPhone, pass along the other items (husband waiting for the them with a not quite hidden gleam in his eyes) and SIGH, I get back to the serious business of downsizing in other areas of my life.

As Rev. Eugene would say ” does that make sense”? We always nod our heads in the affirmative when he says that, and of course we smile while doing so. we all know that sometime in the near future, we will be reviewing his words and then wanting to have discourse about them.

OK.. the Enthusiasm is there, Will it lead to new opportunities. I say YES. Why, because if the mind is caught up on a subject and it just won’t “let go” there is a message that you aren’t listening to, or hearing.
Chances don’t just fall into our laps, They come to us when we are putting our full effort into something.

When the downsizing happened at the Hospital, and finally my position was affected I was immediately filled with a sense of fear at what lay ahead, BUT biggest feeling of all was RELIEF. when it first became known that Management positions would likely be the next to be slashed, I could have been proactive and simply tendered my resignation and moved on, but like the above iPhone situation, I kept trying to dodge the bullet.

It happened, life went on.. and it actually started to get better and better. I was no longer encumbered by “how” “when” I was free to build my own future, my way.

Listen to your inner voice. Follow your enthusiasm, Let it lead you to new Opportunities.

Wow look at the time, I’ve had a great time visiting with you. I love time spent with you. AND I love hearing from you. Have a great day, be Happy, Let the sun shine on your day, smile….

Start with a good breakfast…. =^_^=

Love and Blessings – now and always….

photo credit –  Darren, CA

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