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In Memory

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Rocking the Blues -My friend Kira loved the Blues, she built a club so all her friends could share in her passion for the blues.  DJs from all platforms came to share their tunes, and keep us rocking to the many genres of Blues that are played through-out this Universe of ours.  Didn’t matter who you were/are, if you loved the blues, shared in the camaraderie of the Blues Tribe, you were welcome.

I have been away and didn’t know she had taken ill again.  A friend wrote me last night, we will have a memorial played out over the week-end so that all of us that loved her can manage to get in.  All the DJ’s will have a time slot so that you can share in what Kira loved best.. listen to the blues and share and be with friends.

This woman was a rock for me over the many years she has een in my life. Her generosity and loving spirit will always be with me.  Rest in Peace my friend, you were an example to all of us,  This is not farewell, it is … till soon

Today, day 2, PL calendar is    Live each Day filled with hope(this was Kira’s mantra and motto)

Even in situations when you feel trapped with no way out, face every challenge with purpose and enthusiasm and you will always a find a way.

‘Be true to your work, your word and your friend’.  Henry David Thoreau


love/friendships transcend all mortal boundaries.


landscape 2Into the world you came

a fresh tender seedling

protected by the elements

you grew into a young man

strong,determined and resourceful

you married, had a family

and in turn, you sheltered

and gave your children the tools

they would require to grow

and succeed in/on their journey thru life

then one day, with your 100th year approaching

your work on earth was done

you were called away

your journey here was over

now…. your children

are left to mourn and say goodbye


saying goodbye is not the same for everyone

nor does each child really have the same memories of what was

for each child is unique, born at different times

their lessons, their knowledge base vary

often … the distance in their thinking

and the process to the solutions are and can be miles apart


The reality is that the Divine energy that connects us all

appears in different forms to each and every one of us

our past is ever-present in our moment

and our moments are always NOW

There is no real beginning or end

We either are, or we are not.

when love is pure,

when love is true

it is endless

closure, is a figment

of the mind.




Celebration of Life (yaya)

Celebration of Life (yaya)

I’ve just come from a memorial for a dear friend, we were so many that many of us had to stand and listen from another room.One friend was there from California, another from Sweden, it is sad in a way that it is the passing of a friend that brings us all together.
Yaya was a loving energy that made everyone she interacted with feel special. IF she could help she would, and always, she was positive and encouraging. She embodied the teachings of PL. She lived them naturally.
Her energy and selfless giving was tireless. No one except her very closest of friends, knew just how sick she was or how often she battled physical discomforts.

RIP YaYa you will be forever in our hearts

In PL we say, artistic expressions are what makes our lives  a work of art. YaYa was a work of art to be celebrated!

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