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oh no!

Barbies 2.11.18Always in for a challenge.  I picked up two Barbies today, one had articulating arms the other articulating legs.  I wanted the one doll to have the articulating limbs.

Barbies c 2.11.18Did I know what I was doing?  The simple answer is ..No..

Hmmm. thought to find something on YouTube.  It could be there but so far, I have not found what I am looking for.  Meanwhile, I now have two dismembered dolls.  I did enjoy the exercise.  However, I will have to put the parts away now till I find out what I need to do, from what I have seen so far, the gals who show restoration of Barbie type dolls, simply switch heads..

But then, they still have a doll that doesn’t articulate the way I want.. you get either the arms or the legs.  Either or.  I’ll just have to do some more research.  Anyone out there, rebuilt a Barbie type doll?

I think that I am left with pieces that may not be re-useable. tsk tsk tsk.

If you never try something, you will never learn. Life is about learning, I will keep you posted.  Tomorrow will be a brand new day.  Here is wishing you all a smashing invigorating start to a new week.  Keep it all together. =^_^=  “rock on”

PL Precept # 7   Everything Exists in Relativity

PL Precept # 16  All things progress and develop.





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  1. I think I think like you think

  2. Good luck indeed!

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  4. Thank you for the ‘follow’!
    At my blog you’ll find nearly 7 000 pictures – nearly all in ‘full screen’ and all from Norway and Norwegian nature. Please enjoy!

    • thank you, yes my sister and one of my friend have both toured Norway, do when I saw you blog and the pictures, I was pleased, I will be an arm chair traveller…

      • Cheapest and easiest way to go! 🙂
        Here is a good tip:
        Since you possibly know a little from Norway, please google ‘Norwegian counties’ and if able – print out the maps!
        Now you may find your way around – geographically! Then follow the link to my ‘INDEX’! (There is one a the end of any post you open!) Inside INDEX everything is listed alphabetically and under their respective counties. You may also with a glance see how many pictures are included in each post and which photographer that did the job!
        May I ask from where in our world you are operating? Would it be Japan? Or possibly China?

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