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It is important to say “thank you”. Everything that appears in front of you is all material for you to improve yourself whether it’s food, people or things. earn to accept everything whether it is something you like or not.

Perfect Liberty 2020.9
appreciating the warmth from the fireplace.


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  1. Are these your doggy friends?

    • Hi there no I believe one is her granddaughter.. both my dogs come from these breeders.. I love their dogs, and how the are brought up, in a loving home. My Keeper is the grandmother to one of the dogs shown, and my brindle is similar to the one in the picture but much older, he is now 11 years old. Thanks for asking. Hope you are doing well. MAY be traveling to Japan in October, have not decided, it is a long journey for me.

  2. Thanks for the insight. Beautiful dogs. I understand they are serious couch potatoes, but of the fast, slender, sharp-eyed variety. I am well. This virus thing and the related panic is making a mess over over here. I don’t know of anyone that has the virus, and haven’t even heard of contagion outside of the few cases in the news, but I wouldn’t buy tickets to Japan for October yet if I were you. If the Olympics gets delayed, it might fall right about then.

    • I do believe that you are right. You mentioned it to me before.. Since then, it does seem that I am hearing more and more about how places not only in Japan, but other countries, are concerned…In the States that are asking that those over 60 not go out into crowded areas, and if possible, stay home. In Canada this has not happened, yet.. My sister in is California, so boats and passengers from the east land there.
      I have been hesitating in giving my response to Japan. I think you have helped me make it. Thank you. I appreciate your input.

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