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when nourishment is not to be had…
with all the best intentions, sometimes, circumstances beyond our control, simply set us in situations where we can’t thrive, we can only do our best. The daily struggle to survive, takes its toll…. There is no blame, no right, no wrong, just what is.

Do everything with a prayerful mind. Even if you have done your best, there are times when you wonder if it is enough. that is when your prayers become most important.

Perfect Liberty 2015.26
Goodwill on earth

Let’s express our joy to others. When you express your joy ot others, they joy will multiply and make others happy as well

Perfect Liberty 2017.26

I will live with a mind of appreciation towards others and things.

Perfect Liberty Principle # 3


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  1. Partially an artificial lack of nourishment, but more directly a result of the predation of the mountain pine beetle and its microbial buddies. A terrible bug that has caused great damage during the last 20 years or so aided by environmentalists that prevent proper forestry. The terrible forest fires and resulting carbon and soot released into the atmosphere has been greatly magnified by failure not only to eradicate this beetle, but to remove dead and dying trees before they dry out to form mountains of dead firewood waiting for a lighting strike. So sad.

    • it is sad and there were several trees in the area.. poor planting, and not tended too after the planting.. that doesn’t help. waves across the miles… NO fireworks this year in Japan for our Founders Day… but .. will be there in spirit. =^_^=

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