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Ever wonder what to do with some of the mail you get. I have decided to use my MC statement to work on a mixed media piece. On the right is the first go round, the left is the second, now letting it dry. Will work on it more when I am back in the studio/office later today.

I have gone mostly electronic, however, this being a new account till I am happy with my use of the card, I will continue to monitor with hard copy. Meanwhile for those of us who dabble in mixed media, its perfect for ripping, and reusing.

After days on end of brilliant clear skies, it seems we are in for some rain, the humidity factor out there is HEAVY. Perfect day for indoor activity and getting errands done that don’t require being outdoors. Oh dear, the pot holder rack in the kitchen is sending me winks and smiles.

PL Precept #19 Begin one you perceive

PL Precept #18 Each moment is a turning point

Perfect Liberty 21 Precepts.

Whose idea was this anyway. This means, hot sudsy water, SOS pads, and some elbow grease. hmmm how does that song go… “rain rain, go away”

I will not have complaints about others, matters, nor the weather. Rather I will always be creative and will look for shortcomings in my own thinking and actions.

PL Principle #3 (there are 21 Principles)
the woman / girl in me will pick up the job wand and get to work…

It is going to be a great day! Enjoy everyone….


Comments on: "statements" (6)

  1. That’s a cool idea with the credit card statements.

  2. Don’t get much mail statements anymore

  3. This is awesome

  4. Nice repurposing! It was an indoor day for me as well. Too, too hot out!

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