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Sumac is a beautiful plant, I tried to grow it once, it is hardy in our area, however it is also very aggressive. I thought it would be nice in an area of the property, but soon had to start digging it out. It grew and grew and grew.. all over… Everywhere!

In other areas of the world Sumac is cultivated and used as a herb, spice, tea, it is considered to have many health benefits as well. From my past experience with it.. I now enjoy it when I go on walks, or come across it in my travels while hiking.. The desire to have it in my personal space, has long gone.

My experience with the Sumac is much like some of my other “encounters/experiences” while progressing along on this road of “life” Some experiences I explored and moved on.. and others I have retained in my “memory bank” and bring out from time to time to reflect on how the experience enriched my life.

Begin your day with appreciation. Welcome each new day with renewed appreciation, and step forward with a feeling of World Peace in your heart.

Perfect Liberty 2011.21

Always be cheerful, happy and good humored. When you make an effort to be cheerful and happy, you will naturally begin to feel that way.

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Comments on: "Sumac" (6)

  1. My grams brews the buds and refrigerates it, to me it tastes a little like lemonade. Just everyone be aware if you plant this Sumac plant keep on top of controlling it because it spreads like mad. Here in Massachusetts you can find it going everywhere! It’s a bit of a nuisance and will choke out other plants. Great post!

    • thank YOU. You are the first person who I’ve heard from that actually has had personal experience with it. waves a cheerful hello..!!

      • My brother’s mother in law cooks cat o’ nine tails (the tender stalk part), I’ve tried it I thought it was reminiscent of asparagus! Who knew those decor items from the swamps of New England could be edible? I didn’t! hugz & love you blog!

  2. We have a different type of sumac here out west, but it can spread easily, too. It is also called lemonade-berry as suggested in a previous comment. It isn’t quite as flamboyantly attractive as the type you show.

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