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the gathering

Today I tried the Nikon. They were patiently waiting for me to give them some space so they could dive down to the banquet I’d laid out for them. There is another tree off to the right, there were more on that tree.

Today was a day of “waiting”. If anything getting to know birds and their tolerance for a human wanting to get a picture, is teaching me “patience”

Ok. can you tell if the other bird is facing us, or is that his/her rear?

I was waiting for someone to turn up between these two trees. I managed to push the button in time to get these two.. They aren’t doing anything interesting, but it was an accomplishment for me. It was 7 degrees here this morning. My fingers were not getting, they were numb.

this certainly looks like Mr. Grump

I have a great appreciation for the wildlife photographers who sit for hours to get a good picture. Not only do they have to wait for the bird to come into view, they then work their lenses to capture the bird in action or at least getting a good resemblance. LOL.. I at least can tell this is one of the blue jays.

Face challenging situations with positive determination. When you encounter difficulties, boldly take measures to overcome them. By creatively finding solutions, you will feel the joy in tackling any situation.

Perfect Liberty 2019.13

note… The crows are not in the same location as the Blue Jays

At Dewberry today I saw so many Evening Grossbeaks, it was a sight to see, the sunlight gleaming against their black and gold feathers. Sadly I didn’t even try to get pictures there. I was too occupied with filling the empty feeders. The Blue Jays were at Mer Bleue.

note… I got my fresh air. 🐱

Cheers on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

Comments on: "the gathering" (13)

  1. Did you know a group of crows is a murder? Cheers!

    • I did, someone mentioned that the other day, I wonder why? any ideas?

      • With my last name being Crowe, this comes up a lot. Originally poetic but some see it as an omen when many of those black birds are together. We kid about it when there are many of us together, wondering who the bad seed is. LOL. Hope my response didn’t murder you with kindness.

    • LOl good morning… , is it only to the crows.. I have always enjoyed them so much, using murder as a terminology to relate to them.. will take getting used to. sends virtual greetings your way!

  2. You are definitely good news to these birds on such a cold morning. (I’d say that blue jay is giving you a butts up. 😉 )

  3. I love your appreciation for the photographer people don’t realise how much effort goes in to capturing an single image. How are you finding the Nikon.

    • HI Blackie .. at the moment I’m just playing with it. taking it out instead of the Canon, so that I get a feel for it.. I just got it. Had I researched it a bit more.. I might have gone for a different model, but … it uses double batteries instead of a camera battery. and its temperamental in extreme cold, it doesn’t like moist weather either.. mind you I live in an area where it can get very cold..and it stays COLD. time will tell. waves a happy smile to start your week.

  4. A good set. The second bird is facing

  5. lise lawrence said:

    I am happy that you had a good day.

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