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Hmmmm .. these appeared on my desk…. I know they are for something or other, and that they insert into my PC thing on my desk. The fact that they had been taped so carefully to the top of the file cabinet next to me, means that I didn’t want to loose them. A puzzle to start the day. Oh look a word with two z’s in it. hmmmm can I use that in “Words with Friends” probably not, I don’t recall ever seeing more than one Z when I’ve been playing. I’m beginning to sound like a humming bird.

Because I found these two items, does that mean that they were lost?

Since my desk was moved, my light doesn’t work…. hummm was the cord somehow unplugged, or is the bulb broken??? Darn it could be “one of those days”

“”light bulb” I found a wireless keyboard the other day… I wondered then, how would I get it to work if I wanted to use it… hmmmm would one of these thing a-ma bobs… talk to the keyboard… I wonder….

I think… I will keep Precept #16 in my mind…. ALL THINGS PROGRESS AND DEVELOP

and if EACH MOMENT IS A TURNING POINT Precept #18 I will wait for Precept #19 BEGIN ONCE YOU PERCEIVE to deal with these two objects.

I ask you, is this a form of procrastination? or is it my mind being lazy?

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  1. This reminds me of all the random keys that we have around the house. We aren’t sure what they go to but we also don’t want to throw them out because they might go to something.

    • ahhh yes… you understand bright blue skies .. warmer weather.. wow.. we’re being told its a tease.. but I’ll take it and run.. it was beautiful and balmy. Hope you are getting out and about with that camera of yours…

      • I’m glad you are enjoying some good weather for a change. Our warm weather is supposed to be here Thursday and Friday. I’m hoping to get outside a bit.

  2. Nicholas Vrtis said:

    Pretty sure the silver thing is the receiver that gets plugged into you computer to talk to the keyboard. Looks pretty much like the. One I have for my mouse.

    Not sure about the other thingie. Doesn’t look like something I have seen around computers.

  3. Nothing lazy about YOUR mind!

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