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no porcupine

I watched the little beggar cross my path, and waddle over to the tree and begin to climb it. I had my Canon with me and not the Nikon. By the time I got the camera out and tried to find him.. zip.. finally I did see him sitting calmly on a very high branch looking down at me and now a couple of other hikers.

he was not a figment of my imagination

I’ve never seen a porcupine up close, never had one within my space, this was a big deal. I knew to give him/her space, I was very taken with every detail of his/her person. Talk about a slow and deliberate mover… even so, I have to find another way to carry the Canon or not use it and stick to my Nikon. Both of the cameras tho’ are not really good at getting close ups of birds /animals that are not within easy reach.

The little guy was not as clean and his colours were not as bright, but he had yellow shading, his latin name is Erethizon dorsatum.

taken from wikimedia

Not going to say he/she was pretty, but it was exciting for me =^_^=. I came across this critter at Old Quarry Trail off Eagleson in Kanata. It was my third stop of the day, I was a busy bee this morning.

Earlier I had retraced my steps to where I had seen the Egret (bird) yesterday, nothing, it was cloudy overcast, and very damp, you would think perfect for ducks, geese and fowl, but nope… I saw few there or at the Hope Side Road location.

My fascination today, was watching the porcupine climb high into a tree.

PL Precept #1 Life is Art

Comments on: "no porcupine" (9)

  1. Good thing the dogs weren’t with you!

  2. It would be great to see one!

  3. Porcupines are fun little creatures. I used to see one a lot at our local conservation land. I watched one climb a tree once – amazing.

    • I know! I just stood there mesmerized, watched him climb steadily up the tree.. and he went high up.. not just to a convenient branch, he climbed very high. I’ve been toying with researching a camera with a wider lens .. so far.. its a thought germinating.. Hope you have slowed down with the “chores”… must feel good tho’ to have the big projects dealt with.

      • They are amazing little climbers. I like a wide angle lens but more for landscapes, architectural shots and street photos. The projects continue. There are always projects when you own an old house. Waves.

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