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I walked past this area not that long ago, and never saw these remains, I would have been just feet away. I saw a path I had taken before, saw that there was a veering off to the left, I took that, last time I stayed on the right. Hello.. at first I wasn’t sure that my eyes were seeing what I thought were remains, but as I looked more closely, I knew it was the remains of ??. At first I only saw a few bones, but when I looked around I discovered the rest of them. I did look for more, but this is what I found today. The bones were well bleached and very light.. so I suspect they have been there for awhile.

My mission today was to look for moose scat (poop).. I did find droppings, but not like I saw the other day (when I didn’t take a picture. .$%^ horseradish#$# these droppings are different and not the same colour …

Was out there early, but not the first, I had a chat with the chap who was already back from his “hike”. he has seen at least 4 moose along the road I was going to explore over the last years. He is a regular, and happy to tell me about his discoveries, the area I was in the other day is where he came across a mid size black bear. (when it was up on his hind feet, it was about his height)… I forgot if he told me when that was.. sigh.. I was more intent on finding out if he had seen any moose scat during his morning walk. No he had not.. just dragon flies.

PL Precept # 1 life is art

yes there were a lot of mosquitos, they got worse as the sun began to warm things up.

If you know what that scat is that was found today, don’t be shy, even if its a guess.. I can look it up..

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  1. Nicholas Vrtis said:

    I hope he warned you to stay away from bears. Especially this time of they year when they are hungry from hibernation, and have cubs around. A hungry momma bear with cubs can be pretty grumpy.

    • he pointed in a direction that I know.. I was there Saturday…too many mosquitos this time of year.. I ain’t going that way while they are out in full force. virtual hugs..

  2. Not sure about the size of those bones, which would help ID them. That leg bone looks short and sturdy though.
    I’m not all that knowledgable about scat, but the liquid nature of those shown seem similar to otter, beaver, muskrat, which scent-mark their territory.
    I can tell you that moose scat looks a lot like a small cow patty or large pellets (like a deer) up to an inch long. Diet will effect outcome! 😉
    I suggest you might carry a coin or 6″ measure to lay beside items you are photographing to give scale.

    • that is an excellent suggestion… I seem to getting more and more involved .. LOL this is all so new to me. I never in a million years thought a day would come and I would be out taking photographs of poop! sending virtual hugs!!

  3. If it’s not a pony or a dog I never know

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