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Wednesday.. flashback

winter in Winchester (Hounds of Freckashpeng)

The heat, the heat.. the heat…Aghhh. needed to cool down. Heat is one thing, in this area we have an abundance of humidity to go with it… The past few days it has been cloying.

Blue Jay – NumOttawa

I am reminded of how colourful and joyful the Blue Jays look when they fly in during winter for their share of the bounty at feeders.

With one thought, “the world” will change. Changing your way of thinking will make a difference on how you perceive the world.

Perfect Liberty 2021.24

My mantra for the day – I will go forward with a determination to stay positive and focused on living each moment to the fullest.

AND I will make the time to sit and reflect on all that I have to be thankful for.

Till soon

Comments on: "Wednesday.. flashback" (6)

  1. When I saw the photograph, my first thought was, “Wow, Canada has really short summers.”

    Waves hello.

  2. A good reminder that this heat and humidity will not last. Change is always happening!

    • Hi there, how is the heat and humidity affecting your gardens? You have such a huge terrain to cover, how do you keep everything watered?

      • Water is not an issue this summer, that is for sure. The ground is saturated, esp. after Henri visited this weekend. But the heat is taxing the plants and many look rather tired. They seem ready to call it quits for the season. Most will be done in a month, how time flies!

    • fortunately we didn’t get any of the downpour you did… so far its been heat and humidity!

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