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live with and in nature

Standing still in one place, looking around… simply taking in what was around me. I do this often, usually I am in another area of the Mer Bleue Conservation forest/bog land. The other day I drove down to a dead end road where I went last year with one of my dogs, the brush and growth had completely hidden the entrance to a seldom used trail. There was no way to even know that the trail was there. I had the morning to myself, it was quiet, and I was inspired to “take action”.. I got out my pruners, put on gloves and headed into the brush. I returned yesterday to get a picture .. wish I had taken one before I began this “meditation”.. but hindsight is … you know the saying.. =^_^=.

I worked my way down the trail for about the length of half a city block. Cutting and tossing the brush to one side. There is something very satisfying about doing such a physical task. There was a light rain when I returned yesterday with my camera.. so I didn’t venture down into the bush, the leaves were still heavy with rain drops. But… I will be returning.

tended gardens are beautiful, but so are the natural community of plants that grow wild in our woodlands.

There will always be a way. If you persist and be creative without giving up, you will find solutions that you had not considered before.

Perfect Liberty 2020.28

Always pray to become a better person. If you are content with the status quo, your progress will stop. Always seek for ways to improve yourself and continue to move forward one step at a time.

Perfect Liberty 2014.12.

Yesterday when I went back to the “forgotten” trail, there was an area that was blocked with huge cement blocks.. there was a place for me to walk thru so I did.. that is where I found the torn up vegetation you see above. It was a place where it looked like something had been started, a clean up of sorts and then abandoned??

Till soon

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  2. lise lawrence said:

    Very beautiful.

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