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Good Morning, can we adapt, of course we can. Is anything possible, well……. honestly speaking….. yes, but things don’t happen by themselves. The example I often use, is because I bought a vacuum cleaner, a pail and a mop doesn’t mean that I am going to suddenly become a good little domestic. I may have had good intentions when I bought said items.. but if I don’t change my attitude and/or make a sincere effort to change how I feel about doing such “chores” not much will happen except that now I walk around a pretty pink vacuum cleaner that sits waiting to be used, and the cleaners use my mop and pail when they come once a month. See =^_^= … I did find a way to tidy up .. dust, vacuum etc. just not the way I first thought it would get done.

really! me vacuum… geesh at least I did give it the old college try.

Ancestors Day is tomorrow Friday March 11. service at 10: a.m.

to those of you who know me…. some things… are hard to change… I did try.

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  1. Yeah, I’m not a big fan of cleaning chores, either… I can relate! 🙂

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