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Everyday I wander the woodlands, sometimes I journey further than others, mostly I get out and enjoy the day no matter the weather … One of my blessings is meeting new friends, Fiel is such a friend, I would see him taking his family for their daily walk along a long stretch of country road where he can explore and enjoy stretching his legs and taking in the weather… like me.. he just loves being outdoors.

What I discovered, is he had an eye problem pressure in his eye that medical treatments just couldn’t correct, eventually he had to have one eye removed. Still his spirit was strong, he was positive, he rested, he took his medication, he continued to walk… and now he is a beautiful unique personality that gives as much pleasure as he gets. Life does present us with challenges, our existence would be dull without these opportunities to explore our uniqueness. His heart beats strong, he loves giving kisses, he doesn’t hesitate to embrace his friends with enthusiasm and sincere appreciation he joyfully gives the gift of friendship – unlike humans, he doesn’t overthink a situation, he simply lives in the moment.

Always and Forever

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