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Day of Peace

Today in PL (Perfect Liberty) we celebrate at church with the Day of Peace ceremony. service will be at 10 a.m. Through this ceremony we pray for world Peace and dedicate ourselves to live as peaceful human beings in our own worlds, which includes our home, school, work and community.

Be a messenger of Peace. Always think “for the sake of others and society.” and express yourself for the happiness of all people.

Perfect Liberty 2022.1.

I was looking at Num’s pictures .. was actually looking for doves … I have been seeing doves at Mer Bleue (NCC conservation area) Doves have been eating with the Blue jays, red wing black birds, and yesterday there were a dozen or so cackles there too. Fewer chickadees, but several groups of finch.. it was cold enough that the ice was solid underfoot, but one an feel the difference in the air, spring weather is here. Up and down, yo yo.. weather.. cold, mild, more cold, you get the drift. Then I saw the owl picture and knew I wanted to share.

At P23 (DewBerry, again NCC land) I was thrilled to see a couple of woodpeckers, they have not been around that much. However for those of you who are interested the white “ferret” has been around, he/she is changing colour..but I have seen him/her scampering through the woods, up, over and under what snow remains on the forest floor.

Also the wee ones are chasing about in great numbers. Where in the dead of winter the squirrels were busy gathering and munching on what they could find, the smaller animals I didn’t see.. but now I see little critters, chipmunks and smaller, scurrying with tails waving in the air behind them…. they seem to be everywhere. Maybe that is why I hear the owl(s) especially if I am there very early. Also its mating season right?…

Yesterday I heard that sexual energy (it was a quote) is one of the strongest drives in nature.. (for creativity and inspiration) Hey.. i was half asleep You Tube Quotes was playing actually I think the series is Kuotes spelled with a K.

Have a great day everyone… Till soon.


The owl is sought out by photographers and birders.. for some reason, they are fascinated by the owl and want to see it, usually he/she keeps hidden and certainly far from humans. It must wonder at the strange behaviour it sees from its perch .. as the two legged beings point and stand for long periods of time focused on him.. content to watch him sleep, and thrilled when he winks or turns his head…. forget the reaction if he stretches and spreads his wings.

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