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Stay off my turf…

It is mating season, this fellow was not happy with the humans who were in his way. Lol Dan got a picture of him.. and posted it, seems he (this one aggressive male) has been unhappy that so many people are tramping around what he considers his territory. I did see two yesterday at Mer Bleue they were not sitting around, they were off to “somewhere” and in a hurry. They best do what needs doing and then take a vacation and head into the woods away from “strangers” who could wish them harm.

Discover each person’s unique qualities. When we approach people with respect, we can understand them better and see their special qualities

Perfect Liberty 2022.2.

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Comments on: "Stay off my turf…" (5)

  1. In-in-in-in-in, Out-out-out-out-out. Ahhhhh! Thanks you!

  2. Patricia Lebrun said:

    Bonjour Dymoon, je t’ai pas répondu parce-que j’était très occupée et aussi j’ai eu une biopsie de ma glade thyroide,alors j’ai été très fatiquée à part ça tout vas bien.

    Merci, Bonne Semaine Patricia

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