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Happy place

I’m tucked away in my hidden retreat… listening to the rain falling, the steady rhythm of the drops as they cut through the deep piles of snow in the yard… when I opened the door to let the dogs out, the rain was falling in sheets.. it was a sight to see against the piles off winter snow that since yesterday have lost about half of their height because it has been mild.. and of course the rain is not being kind to the snow that fell over the past couple of weeks.

This location (above) is not known to many, those of us who frequent this little hide-a-way… tend to keep it a secret. Hmmm wonder why! True with all the snow we had, it won’t look like this now, if we trekked in to visit the ambience would still be magical, but very different.

Like… here we are saying goodbye to another year, by this time tomorrow it will be 2023. Let’s move forward with a positive attitude. We have so much to discover and enjoy before we have to “slow down”.

Have a prayerful mid to love yourself and others. Open up your heart fully when praying to God. It will help you sort out your feelings.

Perfect Liberty 2022.31
Wet feet,rain/snow don’t care . just bring peanuts.

Wishing you all the best . prosperity, health, happiness, grab hold and move forward with a positive attitude, cuz LIFE IS GOOD.

Perfect Liberty Jan. 1.2023 Service at 11:100 a.m. World Peace Ceremony

Comments on: "Happy place" (15)

  1. Carol Westover said:

    Good morning! Life IS very wonderful! Blessings abound — my niece found us a new home in an assisted living complex in Santee (a community in San Diego). Our realtor was here all day yesterday with her husband and her associate, grooming the house for the photographer who will be here this morning to take photos. My regular housekeeper will be here as well, to clean anything that needs touch up. I’m truly looking forward to the new home… smaller, easier on the two of us with more than enough help to get us through the rest of our days. The new place is part of a Continuing Care facility so we will be there for the duration. Happiness is…

  2. Happy & Healthy New Year! ⌚🔢🕛🎊

  3. 🙏🏼 🎉 🥂

  4. Carol Westover said:

    OMG… you tease me here… My husband and I have eaten Chinese Food for New Year’s every year for over 40 years — we even got our friends here in T-town started with the tradition, but sadly, this year I won’t be having Chinese. I made do with TopRamen and veggies…

  5. Carol Westover said:

    My niece bought me a new I-14 apple watch and telephone but no instructions! Aaack! Talk about a learning curve!

    • oh dear. I know I find it very tiring trying to set up the phone.. part of me wants a simple phone, it rings we answer it, period. Although, once I’m comfortable with it.. I do enjoy the convenience.. but.. I do NOT like that technology is so entwined it wants to merge everything about us together.
      Good morning..

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