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Happy day 1

so many possibilities, imagine the options,

PL Precept #1 Life is Art

Be careful not to lean towards only what you like. Live a life of balance; don’t just do things you like to do, or are good at, or already know how to do.

Perfect Liberty 2017.19


WORLD PEACE STARTS FROM PEACE AT HOME. Your life is part of the bigger world beyond you. Start with your surroundings and spread peace to the world around you.

Perfect Liberty 2012.1

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  1. Carol Westover said:

    Your photo reminds me of a place I’ve been — the Sand Dunes back east along the Atlantic Ocean. Or along the mud pots of Yellowstone National Park. The boards have that dried out, weather-beaten look to them. Cool… Happy January 1st!!! 364 happy days to follow!

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