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sunshine on a gloomy day, yes!


PL Precept # 6  Live as the Sun

Have you ever noticed how even on a gloomy day, if a ray of sunshine comes through the clouds, your mood changes, you look up with appreciation, and sometimes smile.

Life is full of an accumulation of small events/moments. If we go through life focused only on what we consider, big, important things that need our attention.  We miss opportunities to notice other things.  How often do we walk by a neighbour’s house, intent on getting to the bus stop, or to where we are headed.  We don’t see the neighbour unless they speak to us, nor do we see their garden, the flowers… we are on “the go”.  Busy, Busy, Busy.

Our lives are what we make of them,  Our days, nights, how we live them.. we are creating our own unique work of art.

PL Precept # 1   Life is Art

sunshine 2

Be like the sun, bring sun shine into the lives of others, it will radiate back into your own.  Cultivate positive and strong relationships .. When we love with a true and trusting heart, the rewards multiply and happiness becomes the mainstay of every day life.

Namaste      –       Oyashikiri




There is nothing else like it.


It is truly beautiful

to observe, and even more powerful when we participate


True, we don’t get to choose our family

but we do our friends.


That said, when we have love in our hearts

it is there for all to see and feel


a bond that lasts forever

is built on trust, acceptance and a love that is unconditional


Here is your hug for today..

Pass it on…

Namaste      –      Oyashikiri


today 9.21.15

08c01b70b0bb8068c6d484af260a33b8In the shade they sat, comfortable in the silence of a long valued friendship.  The years had been kind, neither had much to say that the other didn’t already know,  nothing of importance anyway.  Love of life, and shared adventures had provided each with  memories that  settled happily in their hearts.


The same sky holds different hues on a tropical isle, where someone else sits silently alone in thought, Time has no place here, for in their heart, they share a love that transcends mortal boundaries, a love that fills the heart with gladness and joy that is beyond explanation or spoken word.


Autumn the season of colour, cultivation,anticipation and harvest… what better time to walk with God and spend the time needed to rejuvenate and rediscover the meaning and power of unconditional love. We cannot redo the past, nor can we bear responsiblity for the next one, but we can take responsibility for now, and for how we live each coming minute of the day.  No two people are alike, yet we are ONE…. there is an invisible connection that when activated, it is a forever always moment, and everlasting.


When our lives are deeply rooted in God/Tao, we are spiritually rich regardless of circumstances.

“I didn’t know I was waiting/lost .. till I was found.”

namaste      –      oyashikiri


**sunset beach, xengavity,flickr

***bamboo ladle,damien douxchamps,flickr

*v instagram.com

love a duck

Duck puppet 1

I took my duck puppet to church today… I wanted to talk about LOVE, and “ducky” is a good  ice breaker… kids and adults alike smile and chuckle as soon as “ducky” makes an appearance. Why the prop, well, love although a small four letter word, really packs a punch, and to everyone, it means something different.

Children have no problem saying the love you, or showing they love you, but … for many reasons, adults have a more difficult time with the word.  AND if you have a problem with the word,  how do you manage the emotion that goes along with that word.

When you love someone, you are saying, I care, you mean something to me.  Loving someone is including them in your life, in your heart, in your space.  it isn’t a restriction, it is am embrace.

Love is the freedom to be………………. love is knowing that happiness or sadness is all part of the embrace ……………………. love is being able to share your vulnerable moments and know you are safe …………………… love is knowing when you fall, or make a mistake, it is just a moment in time,  that true love is forever, always and everlasting.


Friendships are built on trust

Love is the thread that binds us all

it may be small, however

the word, is one that has the power to  forestall

the negatives in this world, to erase
fear,greed,wars and strife

so that, we all live with love in our life

yes… ducky went to church and made everyone smile today!


LOVE to each and every one of you.

namaste     –     oyashikiri



Ancestors Day is celebrated in the church of PL (Perfect Liberty on the 11th of every month)..  During and through out this ceremony we express our gratitude for the love and virtues of our ancestors,

An ancestor is  someone who you are thankful was in your life, and helped form the person you are today.  They had impact and brought positive, loving “gifts” into your life.  Many people can bring awareness into our lives, usually we take for granted those who love us, we are so embraced by their love that we don’t realize till they are gone that there is a void.

Love comes in many guises, I speak not of the physical intercourse/ fornication of man, but of  a mating that begins in the heart, that is given life by mutual respect and enduring love.  Genuine caring.  To find and share in such a partnership there has to be dialogue/communication that is heartfelt and stems from mutual desires and a respect for self.  Love begins within. . .Love is trust/ faith

Hyatt Regency, San Antonio,Texas

Give and forget

Receive and remember…


Namaste     –     Oyashikiri


**Hyatt Regency,San Antonio,Texas

unspoken friendships


Remember the little nursery rhyme

now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep….

Do remember when  the talk was all about astral travel

and philosophers talked on about where our minds went during sleep..

… too academic for me…=^_^=

— basic A B C’s for me….

There was a time I would not have ever allowed a dog on my bed

never mind, on the sheets or sleeping beside me..

Time and circumstances have changed that

I now understand and feel things I didn’t before

What I have learned in life

that friendships that last

are the friendships with a past

The Mother who lovingly took these pictures

over a period of time

will always the remember these moments

and even though young, the child

will grow up  feeling an unspoken bond

for animals

In sleep mode we are vulnerable to the world around us

yet there is  cosmic connection to what is happening

Sometimes we unconsciously know that the world around us

is not balanced, and sleep is slow to happen

Even changing rooms will not help, because the unrest

is within you.

No matter where you go, or run, there you will be…..

the bond of sharing is a delicate one

there has to be mutual trust

and the security that comes of faith

in the connection of souls

born of innocence

and a genuine love

not built on egos, preconceived ideas,,

words, promises, just unspoken

heart-felt caring


that transcends time

and mortal boundaries…

Being able to listen and care

for what a friend is saying

or doing

to walk in silence

content to know that

you are both aware of each other

but need not talk

the being together is enough

that is an awesome

inspiring connection

appreciate such moments

for they are rare

and like a diamond in the rough

the connection is felt

not seen

friendships that last

are friendships

that can stand the

test of time

for they were


in another


My love to each and

every one of you…

now and always…




an emotion shared


I would like to share with you a moment in history, it was a Sunday in early  2000  “I have to pause a little, reflect …. how am I doing?…. I think that yesterday was a day where I was left with nothing else to do but lie down and escape from the misery, and torrent of emotions that rose and pushed with a vehemence to break free from the depths of my “being”…..

Outside the sun shone, but all I felt was a cloud burst of sadness, relief, fear,anger, a jumble of emotions, erupted and poured from my “mind” like a turbulent stream running a torturous path.  I could do nothing to stop the tears, the anguish…. it was simply a time to “stand still” in my case… I lay down and stayed down…

My eyes saw the lengthening shadows as the sun bid the day farewell.  Then in the quiet of the room, there was darkness.  Part of me an observer, all I could do was allow the ears to flow, the pain to subside.”

“How am I doing”  that was yesterday, this is today  (from the same piece written in 2000)

I’m sure you’ve experienced many such moments… everyone does  at some time or other.  The impact of such a collision (conscious/subconscious) is always a draining experience.  A Jolt from above if you wish.  The day after leaves me feeling l ike I’ve run a marathon… standing still.

There is no rhyme or reason for such “moments” they are part of the integral dance of life.  I long ago came to accept that although I lean towards imperturbable states, the reality of life is “balance” one cannot know “true happiness” without having lived through “sadness”

This is not to say I was sad, or something was wrong, it was simply my need emotionally and physically to shut down, regroup,  recharge, revitalize.

Sometimes chaos and calmness go hand in hand….

So…………”how and I doing”      …. I’m doing just fine…..   

I did my best not to change, rewrite, or even spell check the words I wrote back in 2000. . I wanted to share with you a part of me that one does not see often these days, Its terrible, I seem to be happy most of the time =^_^=, In fact, in and with God, I am very very happy!  The road to where I am now, was not always fun, but it was one I lived and loved without regret.

Namaste     –     Oyashikiri


PL Precept #11  Always be with God

Psalm 23 – The Lord is my shepherd

I Ching – hexagram 52  -Meditation – Keeping still

words/text-by Q copyright Dymoon

konnichi wa, ni hao!


Namaste    –  Oyashikiri



hello out there

how are you today

I’ve been thinking of you a lot these days

have you been well… are you alright…

has time been good to you…

is your world sunny and bright

a lot of questions, I know

it is just that when my thoughts drift in your direction 

I remember the fun we had

&  how you made me laugh


life is good, I’m very happy

every day I’m presented with a brand new day

and I hope in my heart that you are happy too

the world is such an amazing place…

that our hearts connected is such a gift


love is such a powerful and amazing gift

it transcends all and everything

we may never understand it

but as long as we believe and trust in God

we will always be connected

for we are…. ONE

Namaste    –   Oyashikiri

* man-and-camera.com

** magicalnaturetour.tumblr.com

*** photofrom the world.com

moving forward

path, by ojaipatrick on flickr

I hold my breath, close my eyes and count to ten

Will this anxiety ever end..

Somewhere out there, I know someone cares

Why, why is it when I look, no one is there

I read the other day that God is everywhere

In my prayers, I cry for help,  

over and over I do my best to express my self

I think I am doing my best, and yet

there is the tiny tug inside my chest 

that maybe, just maybe, I’m out of touch with my quest

that along the way I turned right when I should have gone  left

Pray with faith, is what  I’m hearing

listen with your heart, not your head

only then will you see the road ahead….

Yes of course, in you I’ll trust

only then will my life change, and you will lead me

to where I am meant to be, and I will be anxiety free.


In still waters I will be

when the Universe dwells in me

Namaste – Oyashikiri

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