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10.17 disney grinch


This particular cancer is hard to treat, it is very aggressive    Think Positive

  1. Let’s try to stop it if we can from growing further            Think Positive
  2. Sorry that didn’t work,  we can try another treatment     Think Positive
  3. Body is so frail, treatments have to be stopped                  Think Positive
  4. A Blood clot has been found                                                    Think Positive
  5.  In looking to see how the cancer may have spread, we have discovered that there I water on the lung, and there is an infection.                       Think Positive

Good evening everyone, the above are words that we have been hearing for the last many months. #5 is what we were told today.  I picked up the PL Calendar for the 29th.

Be Cheerful and Easygoing

Everything has a way of turning out alright in the end.  Relax and always try to Think Positively.

How we deal with challenges that come our way, determines a lot, about how we enjoy our days, and if we are able to Think Positively.

My husband and I both would have liked the scenes we are living to be somewhat different, however, they are not.  They are what they are.  We do our best to encourage others around us, help them find their way in the “stories” that they are living.  We also make time for “us” … and our personal “selves”

The messenger doesn’t  always bring “good news”, but every one is doing their best, and that is really all one can ask. When we get over whelmed, we accept that moment, and rest.  No regrets or misgivings.  Tomorrow is another day. when it arrives, we will deal with it, one step at a time.

Whatever the outcome, knowing we have done all we can do.  When the time comes for the day to come to an end.  We will know we did our best.  Meanwhile, we enjoy each other, and know we’ve come a long way, each being whole, when sharing with the other.



We are so grateful that you are part of our lives.  You are appreciated, each and every one of YOU.

10.17 mickey

Comments on: "think Positive" (13)

  1. Sending you love and wishing you peace. Hugs, too.

  2. You are both in my thoughts. Maybe now is the time to mention that my last wife died of myeloma. She was told she had five years at the most. She had ten, which she lived to the full, within her capabilities. May you enjoy each other as you wish

    • thank you Derrick, we do. We have been very blessed, we lived each day “together” so we have no regrets… I know you understand.. and that is wonderful, makes me feel a “joy”

  3. Your morning message inspires. Lots of light, love and smiles your way and to all.

  4. Dymoon, Inspiring “Think Positive” blog and gentle reminder to try to be every day, during life’s challenges and changes. Appreciate your sharing and offering you and your hubby positive thoughts. Hugs, Susan ________________________________

  5. I’m so sorry to read this, I have not been current with my reading lately. Sending you healing thoughts and hopes that you can remain thinking positively!

  6. God bless you both!

  7. Thinking of you and wondering how things are going regarding point 5.

    • hi, Peggy, it has been up and down, another blood clot was found this evening, we cross one bridge, only to find another “challenge”. Love is unseen, but felt, and living “in” love keeps a positive vibe, even when we face a disappointment. then out of the blue, like tonight, I heard from you.. that cheers me and lightens my “load” thank you dear friend, thank you.

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