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 Another area to explore here is the east end of Dolman Ridge Road, now gated farther west than before, where you can park and walk the old roadbed and trail heading east. WARNING: There is a warning sign here to beware unexploded Second World War bombs. It was an airforce practice area then. So you enter at your own risk. But since hundreds of people walk the trail itself, as long as you don’t wander off the beaten path, you should be okay. This trail eventually crosses Mer Bleue. Many good birds have been seen here, especially in winter. Among them Northern Hawk Owl (Dec. 2, 1990 to Feb. 23, 1991) and Gray Jay (Dec. 9, 1990).

info taken from NCC site on Dewberry Nature Trail

The dogs had me walking at a steady pace, we walked without really taking a break, there is no place to really sit and rest along the way… I would have liked an area to sit to catch my breath, a dog/waste receptacle mid way, and at the end, since this road is the one area where dogs are allowed on leash. Many other areas in and around the nature trails are forbidden to dogs. Our outing was almost two hours, out and back, steady pace.

I heard a lot of geese, only saw two making their way across the bog area. Heard a few woodpeckers, saw one dove on a high wire, aside from that, until we returned to the parking area, the dogs and I were on our own. Good hiking or walking shoes recommended.

Stay tuned..

You betcha we (all 3 of us) are resting.

Comments on: "Dewberry" (9)

  1. Two hours is a good, long walk. Bet everyone sleeps well tonight!

  2. What a great walk.

  3. LOL they have put themselves to bed.. good night!

  4. An excellent post surgery walk

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