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Perfect Liberty 2021.2
chipmunks everywhere -not shy either …

They were everywhere, I could hear rustling in the vegetation, they scampered from place to place, up and down fallen trees, up and over rocks, they chatted, they nattered, there was no way you were going to not notice them. When I think of it, the only place I didn’t have them scampering about was when I was on the observation decks.

I saw photographers grouped around a tree, because of the mosquitos and because they were all intent on what they were photographing, I decided best to let them attend to their project with out more human traffic. Guess what I missed!!! A mama owl and her young offspring…. one of the photographers met up with me on the trail, bless her heart she steered me on the right track to get back to my car. She also showed me what she uses when in the bush to ensure she keeps the ticks away, (Deep Woods) another piece of advice for the novice here.. she puts her clothes in the dryer on her return to the house to make sure, any ticks or other unwelcome “insect” that has jumped on for a free ride is annihilated.

On the way home I heard an interview with a weather specialist, our summer it seems is going to be another hot one, maybe not as intense as last summer .. but high temperatures with high humidity for days on end. Not the best for farmers. If you’ve not experienced a Canadian summer (in this region) its not for the faint of heart. =^_^=

flower in full bloom, showing its loveliness – with love for YOU

Comments on: "Beaver and Chipmunk trails" (8)

  1. I’m glad you are being careful of the ticks. They are nasty little murders. Tell the chipmunks hi for me and toss them a nut when you get a chance.
    Stan in Tokyo

  2. Nice chipmunk photo, Dymoon. They are plentiful and bold here also.

    • thanks… sometimes I hesitate I see the pictures that the pro’s take with their high powered zoom … but.. then I come to my senses.. LOL I like my candid shots… there is no hope for me.. =^_^=.. how you doing? will you get summer off?

      • I like your candid shots also. I have a couple of weeks off at the beginning and end of summer. I’ll teach summer school but only two days a week.

    • 2 days a week.. nice.. you like teaching.. and you ae good at it… so its a good fit. my friend who put up a night camera after I told him about yours… is all chuffed, he caught a deer on it.. he is hoping for a moose.. time will tell, he is keen, he has ordered better cameras. he has placed them in different areas of the NCC green spaces.. not all on one trail, he’s gone around to where there have been sightings. Did my first walk in the rain.. (where I have knowingly gone out in the rain to walk in the woods..)

  3. naomi Zowader said:

    Enjoying your posts and sending love back to you!


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