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Wednesday 9th

Ever felt like you are caught between a rock and a hard place. This has been my position these last 48 some hours. I’ve been doing this blog since 2012 and overall have been pleased with WP. In fact I’ve been happy, blogging along, with no major disruptions or problems. Then out of nowhere, I couldn’t load anything, it was so frustrating, it took awhile but finally the reason became clear, I am a premium member (means I pay monthly for the service) What I had not realized was that there was a maximum storage associated with the account. Ah…. what to do.

Yesterday I got my second Covid shot, and truthfully all I wanted to do was sleep. So that is what I did, this morning I got on with the WP csr.. and found out my options. To reduce my storage means I go back to 2012 and start deleting .. it is simple enough, once I understood what I needed to do, but it is a loooong process. Hours later I have barely scraped the top of the bucket. I will persevere.

You can freely express yourself within the rules. (sigh I’m finding this out) Consider rules as a canvas on which to express your specialty artistically.

Perfect Liberty 2021.9

I can be thankful that for so many years I have been basically problem free. Now I have to reconsider my plan of action going forward. This is good because it means I have to look at what I’ve been doing, and decide if this is still the way I want to proceed.

We are still experiencing very hot, weather, the forecast is for it to cool down to more seasonable temperatures over the next few days. For those able to attend, we will have service on the 11th. Ancestor’s day at 10 a.m.

PL Precept #4 Being annoyed limits your expression.

Everything will be just fine.. With a positive attitude anything is possible.

Stay safe everyone!

Till soon.

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  1. I upped my membership – and fee – to counteract this problem. I don’t spend much on anything else, so it seems worth it

    • You know I have given this serious thought .. especially after sending the whole day deleting years of photos from the WP site. This for the moment will give me some breathing space, while I get all this oral surgery stuff paid off.

  2. I learned only recently to reduce photo size before uploading, which helps it load more quickly because it is less pixels and takes less storage space. My average photo out of camera is around 1-3 MB and reduction is about 10% of that, usually 100-200 KB. I can email you details of what I do if you are interested. Do you have a Mac or PC?

    • I have a pc.. and yes please send me info. They did tell me about a GIMP program, I need EASY and user friendly. I deleted 7 years of photos yesterday. long process. Good morning, hurrying out the door while the air is still fresh… sends virtual hugs.

  3. I delete blogs and images regularly to keep in my limit (though one day I may up my plan). I put my images on at max, usually 8+mb when converted to jpeg this is to give as much detail as possible. wp compress images by 10% which in my eyes makes a big difference and this is my biggest gripe with them. wp did suggest going to ‘business’ plan and installing a plug-in to reverse this, for an extra £14 ($20?) a month? No thanks!
    Have a great weekend. B

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