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alone on shore

because I stand alone on the shore

looking out, waiting and watching

does not mean I’m lonely

I stand alone, because it is early in the day

and in my own way

it is a time for me to pray

to stand alone looking out into the vastness of your wonders

encourages me to be strong

to embrace the distance of tomorrow

and to live today, like the waters in this river

allowing the currents to gently take me

with each wave, gently and resolutely towards

whatever shoreline you guide me to.

I know I am never really alone, for always you find a way to let me know you are listening

It is true, sometimes the world takes on a different hue

But…. always, and this is true…. always, I see the wonder that is YOU

I know I am never alone, for YOU are always with me

whether I stand, sit or lie, you are by my side

you take me where I need to be

like the tree, I am rooted in YOU

I extend my arms into your infinity

with the knowledge that

I am a but a part of the whole

Along this same shoreline, where I had been standing musing, I had moments before been along this stretch of the island, and to my wonder and joy had an encounter with a blue heron. To awed to grab for the camera, I simply drunk in the moment, as he/she up and flew away.

PL Precept # 1 – Life is Art.

PL Precept # 2 – To live is to express one’s Self.

Every day is a new canvas, on which we can express ourselves in our own way, We are all different, each one of us is unique, yet we are all connected, we are all ONE

Three years ago, I would never had been up and out walking like I am now.. I would never have had occasion to meet the wonderful people I meet now as I wander the woodlands, rivers and parks…AND I would not have reconnected with Nature the way I do now, or known and seen the wildlife that I am now. NOW is a powerful moment in time.

Much love from my heart to yours.


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  1. I agree. Being alone does not equal being lonely.

    • good morning.. I’m actually being more “playful” with the camera..I’m “seeing” things differently too when it comes to how I’m interacting with it. little steps.. but I sense a shift. Hi hope you are getting the nice wee-end we are.. waves and sends a big virtual hug..

      • Hello there. Being more playful wih the camera is good. It’s best not to get stuck in any ruts. It will help you learn new things. It’s looking like it will be a good weekend here. i hope it’s the same there. Hugs.

      • how is the writing coning along? sending happy hugs your way

      • Well. i am preparing a post about it. I’m a third of the way through a second draft and taking a memoir writing class this summer. Thank you and have a great day.

  2. A marvelous renewal and rebirth!

    • Thanks Eliza. I’ve ordered in a camera to take a look at. I’d like a little more “power” but the same features, I’ve finally made my choice.. the Nikon has connected with me the most..I’m able now (I think) to use it more like an extension of creative thinking. If that makes sense .. actually get excited at the possibilities .. and the “moments” that I snap.. I feel are “different’
      Here we are another Saturday, hope all is well at your end.. You must be surrounded with blooms. HUGS

      • I look forward to seeing what you capture… it is fun using a good camera, and getting a pleasing shot.
        With all this rain (more than 7 inches in July so far) and heat, the garden is exploding! πŸ™‚

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