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Unexpected upside of having something happen you didn’t expect. There is always another way of seeing something, or experiencing an event that effectively changes something inside of us. At the time we may not link it to anything in particular, it is when we are least expecting it.. that the “light” will go on, and we will wonder.. how? where? what happened??

For me, nature promotes calm and well being. I can simply get out of my car and stand still (when in the woodlands) . if I’m lucky to have the area to myself, once the birds realize that I’m not going to do anything but enjoy being there with them, the cacophony of sounds begins… the cadence and rhythm of the songs/cries changes as the community regroups and begin going about their daily business,

Make today a memorable day. Let’s try to put our whole heart into whatever we say or do, as our unique signature.

Perfect Liberty 2022.26

The other morning, I was greeted with a peaceful quiet . as I drank it all in…. off in the deep distance, over the tree tops and through the many layers of tree trunk and branches came the distinct sound of an owl calling/speaking….. Till that moment I had never heard an owl, I was awed.


Comments on: "Being…" (14)

  1. So thrilled you heard an owl. Such magic.

  2. Beautiful imagery left in my mind. The owl speaking to you. Thanking, looking if the presence is friend or foe or lunch. Thank you

  3. I like No.27. So very true. I need to remember to follow it more often.

  4. The very definition of faith.

  5. lise lawrence said:

    Good evening.i am sorry I could not say have a good day,I had to get ready for the para.

  6. Owls are mysterious, glad you heard one at last!

    • Good morning Eliza.. we had balmy weather for several days.. I woke to one of Mother Nature’s fun moments.. it went to way below freezing last night with wind chill in some areas -20… and the ground.. you guessed it is all white.

  7. Owls are considered to be evil here
    Cultures differs tho☺️

    Beautiful post ❤️

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