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Start by thinking “Let’s do it” Once you decide to do something and putyour whole heart into it, things will start moving forward.

Perfect Liberty 2022.8

Good morning, I am slowly getting my feet back on the ground after the big storm and being without power for 7 days …The city is still in recovery mode. I was speaking to a friend who lives in Oklahoma in the States, she was saying in her State they often have hurricans touch down.. and herself was without power for over 2 weeks one time. I just can’t imagine.. but it was nice to speak with someone who could relate to what I went through without a lot of explanation.

I had never ever experienced what I went through when this storm in May hit. According to news and articles written .. this city has not seen such destruction and upheavel in decades, it was said to be worse than the big ice storm we had. I did go through that, and I did have damage to property at that time, but this last experience (perhaps because I am older) I am not bouncing back with a hip horrah… Also so many around me, friends and acquaintences are still reeling.. AND so many are going to be dealing with the damages to their properties for a long time to come.

Due to this ..my response time to the backlog of e-mails and correspondence .. I apologize, but there was just toooooo much.. and a lot has been lost or deleted. I have been reading posts.. thank you all.. your pictures, stories, blogs.. all appreciated...

There are positive aspects in sadness… I am looking. Previous moments have taught me acknowledging and naming our sadness is critical in the “recovery”…. I’m working on that too. so saying I’m going to get dressed and head out for my walk. Yesterday I walked in the rain (wearing full protection,including a head/face net) the biting insects were out in full force. Humans had the good sense to stay home, all but yours truly…


For those of you who will “get” this. I have been visited by ravens.. they keep appearing close by me, flying past me, coming close and calling… ravens/crows I love them. they sense my need and come to encourage me.

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  1. Patricia Lebrun said:

    Bonsoir Dymoon, comment vas-tu nous sa vas bein. Cette orage nous a frapper tres fort mais faux dire que nous sommes tres chanceux, ils faux etre possitive et apprecier toute la chance qu’on a je remercie dieu pour toute sa bonter.

    Fait attention a toi, avec amour bonne soiree ❤🌹 Patricia

  2. You are right! All need to get courage to overcome from the effects of strom! 👍 Because we should not give up! 👍👌

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