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When it is just you and the moment you are in. When the calling of the sea gulls and the questioning crows is the sounds that you hear. Off in the distant horizon where one would usually see a big steamer slowly making its way down the channel, there is nothing but emptiness. This was a time for quiet reflection… I actually parked myself down on one of the benches and just enjoyed. (this was a memory from 2017)

The leaves are gone now, but yesterday was spent touring one of the X country ski trails that doe a loop near where I have the bird feeders. This is done to check for big roots that could be dangerous on the trail, hanging branches that are too close to where people will be skiing/walking/running… trees that are leaning over and could prove to be dangerous should they topple.

Being in Nature is one of the easiest ways for me to “chill”… to loose myself in the shadows and the intrigue of the forest itself. WE all have different ways of finding what “works” for us.. Whatever it is that reaches in and connects with you… try to find some time in your day to enjoy that “space” It is important to our “well being” … to find time to regenerate…recharge…

Today is the 11th. in PL. it is a special day where we have service (ceremony) each 11th of the month to express our gratitude for the love and virtues of our ancestors and ask for guidance so we can continue to live the PL Way. I also make time during the service to do special prayers for all that have asked for and that require special prayers. YOU are all part of my day… service will begin at 10 a.m.

Today is also a day of remembrance – in Canada we call it Remembrance Day in the USA I believe it is called Veterans Day… Silence is observed at 11 a.m.

You can be with God by having a prayerful mind. Let’s pray for World Peace. we are all one big family. Let’s start by praying for the happiness of those around us.

Perfect Liberty 2022. 11

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  1. You are on the right track, getting back to nature. Have a glorious weekend. 🍁🍂🌾

    • good evening Gail… waving a sleepy hug across the miles… it has been extremely lovely weather, tonight finally a bit of rain.. the sound of a steady falling rain can be so sleep inducing.. =^_^= I got pictures of a friends garden in CA, in it
      she mentions a pluot tree, do you know what that is, I looked it up but not sure .. it is a plum?

      • I’ve never come across it myself. Pluot is a cross between a plum and an apricot. I better keep my eyes open. It sounds interesting. 💜🍃🧡 Morning hugs back at you.

    • LOL neither had I, my friend is planting fruit trees in one of her gardens she is landscaping… she is in CA.. I’d love to taste some of the combinations that she has.. she sent me the nurseries she uses if that is of interest to you..?

      • I can’t. I no longer have the yard for something like that. My landscaping is maintained by the HOA. Thanks for thinking of me, though. 💜🍃

  2. Have been binge reading Tyler Henry’s “Between Two Worlds”. It’s so very comforting to have all of the positive vibrations coming to me these days. It helps so very much. Gratitude is my mantra each morning.

    • Gratitude is so important in life. I have question do you use or are you allowed to use essential oils??

    • Hi I asked because the few times that I have used a new product (for me) from a company called Piping rock, my clients have found it to be super relaxing and I myself am very taken with it.. they have small bottles i got one to try out of curiosity.. and love it … frankincense & myrrh oil… after using it the first time.. the scent lingered and I found (I was dealing with smoke inhalation symptoms..) it soothed and relaxed in a very natural way. I didn’t take an allergy pill that night.. the smoke had created swelling in the sinus cavities..

  3. patricialebrun03gmailcom said:

    Bonjour Dymoon, oui c’était le jour du souvenir nous on l’écoute à la télévision André à eux l’honneur ce matin quant à attendre sa lettre ce faire lire à la cérémonie ce matin il y a eu des larmes au yeux je suis très fière de mon André. Fais attention à toi.

    Bonne journée🌹 Patricia

  4. Yes, I’ve used essential oils before… not probably as others have, but I have a diffuser that I’ve run at times for calming/sleep issues. Haven’t used it in a while–Also, prior to my current heart situation I would spray Lavender essence/oil on the bottom sheet, under my pillow to help me get to sleep. Since this latest health issue I no longer have insomnia! Talk about silver linings! LOL Never would have guessed that would happen–have had insomnia for over 20 yrs.

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