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Thursday 26th.

Good Thursday morning – People are perhaps starting to do their spring clean out, yesterday in my travels I found another poster, this time it was an old poster of Irish Doors, someone had mounted it – I wish I had the space… I simply don’t.. the other goodie I found was the small wooden door .. not sure what it would have been used for or if it was part of a house, you can’t tell in the photo, but it was all of maybe 6 inches.

The bottom two photos, Brent Micahel (Alabama, USA) had taken the picture you see on the left, then researched what the place had looked like before it was totally abandoned. My understanding is the owners of the old service station, shared the photo on the right with him.

I would also share a picture with you of a Raven, you all know my affection and affinity to the crows/ravens. These pictures were taken by a long time blogger friend from the UK Derrick J Knight.

Smiles are the world’s treasure. If you smile more there will be more smiles in the world. Be one of those who makes more smiles.

Perfect Liberty 2023.26

I was asked the other day, why Portuguese… I smiled .. in all the time I’ve been posting over 8 years now, no one had asked me why I use Portuguese calendar pages and sometimes Japanese, the reason dear friends, is that the Church of Perfect Liberty is headquartered in Japan .. yes, there is a very strong presence in Japan, the Holy Land ( as it is called) is headquartered some 30 minutes from Osaka. It is huge, PL has its own schools, the community also has its own hospital.

That said, it is also very well represented in Brazil, where there are a lot of churches, so much so .. there is a large teaching and Educational campus in Brazil. From there PL branches out throughout South American countries.. the calendars are also available in Spanish.

Again, PL altho’ called a church, PL is a philosophy and way of life.

OHHHH good show the plow has been by and one pass has been done in my laneway, I can get out. Yes we are having another snowstorm.

For those of you who do not live in areas that get a lot of snow. I am very proud of how we handle snow here. I personally use a service called JR Lawn and Snow.. this was their missive to clients first thing this morning…

Tractor Operator Update:

Our tractor operators were all dispatched as of 1:00 am this morning, are almost done with first passes, and are moving well through the area! Once the first passes are done, operators will take a short break before starting the second pass/following the city plows. Some will have a second pass before the city plows get to their street and some people’s second pass will happen as we remove the plow piles.

As always, with big storms like this, our main goal is to make your driveway useable. Moved cars and tidying driveways will happen tomorrow. **Note there was an earlier message as well.

Have a good day everyone, I’m off to feed my crows and other birds in the woods.

NB** for more doors click on the Thursday door logo. you will be taken to Dan’s No Facilities site.

Comments on: "Thursday 26th." (9)

  1. I remember when there were general stores along the road that also had gas pumps. Today, of course, the building codes prohibit gas pumps that close to the road. The vintage photos are fun to look at.

    • We must be of the same vintage. I remember such buildings from travel in days gone by. You find obsolete stations along some of the back roads .. some are in amazingly good condition .. others… we’ll just say, they have known better days. I had not put 2 and 2 together, thanks for that bit of info. (bldg codes)
      I know we have a lot of good things that we didn’t have before, but there is something about the simpler way of living, (with out a cell phone .. if only we could leave it at home when we venture out on a day’s adventure) I have started to turn my ring way down, so that when I’m in the “woods” or “busy” with friends… I am not interrupted.

      • I remember a day about a month ago. I went out on a series of errands and forgot my phone. I survived, and it was an interesting experience. Of course, in the neighborhood where I grew up, neighbors watched and my mom knew what had happened before I got home (good or bad).

  2. patricialebrun03gmailcom said:

    Bonjour Dymoon, comment vas- tu, nous sa vas bien, qu-est que tu passe de la neiges on eux un bon pieds de neige et sa fini seulement à soir.

    bonnes journées😘 Patricia

  3. Love the tiny door and I remember general stores as well. ❤ Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. thank you Janet.. I actually took time to look around to see if there was anything there that the door could have been part of.. Hope you have been enjoying the winter months… I’m starting to want to smell spring in the air. Especially since we are being dumped on with a lot of snow this year.

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