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World of wonder

World of Snow

Sometimes, we have to really look to see something.

When we do take the time to be present in our surroundings, we are often blessed with a deeper understanding of the moment we are living.




Oophs, sometimes we fall down

Oophs, sometimes we fall down

Not careful, too busy talking, or looking around, and oophs we land on our laurels. After the initial shock of the jarring thud when you land, usually you have to take a few minutes to regroup before getting up. If you are on ice, like I was here, you have to navigate carefully or you’ll go down again.
You’ll also note that I wasn’t wearing the proper footwear to be walking across a frozen pond.
I’m a visual person. Seeing the results of my fall, imprints the lesson – prepare for an outing, dress properly.
Be mindful of your surroundings.
Yes, look around, but be aware of where you are, and think before you embark on what could be a tricky situation.

Dec 4 pm_010This little bit of a winter wonderland is in Haven Shire, I will give you the taxi to the Wind and the Willows build (by Sweecah), next door to her is Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs, andbeside Snow white is Weilo Bailey’s Winter Wonderland. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Haven%20Shire/173/90/21.  You can also see more pictures on my other blog http://virtualluna.blogspot.ca

When you fall down in life, dust yourself off and get on with what you wanted to do.  Sometimes the fall was meant to slow you down so that you  would take notice of the world around you.    smilePencil

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