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creative felting

felted block, done by my sister from Erica Krapow’s Summertime Sampler

Another way to enjoy the fall colours, and the creativity that happens when the fall season begins. Today at church we were reminded that soon we will be turning back the clock! Yup, October 31. Where does the time go, it seems to be flying by!

Wishing you all a very happy and productive week.

Monday, October 19th.

Put your whole heart into everything and express your individuality. When you put your whole heart into expressing yourself, your true beauty will shine through.

Perfect Liberty 2020.19


Good Morning everyone! Bom Dia!


Facing a situation head on……….. making time to study the challenge with Makoto (sincerity)…………. being in the moment …………..a path will open up.  wise words. Yesterday I found myself facing a blank wall, actually it wasn’t blank, it was a strobing  texture I had applied to a build I was doing.  I “knew” that I should know why it was happening, but try as I might, the answer was not forthcoming.  In PL (Perfect Liberty) we believe that no matter how hard a situation is, if we approach it seriously, we will eventually find a way to break through.


There are times we find ourselves in one place, when we expect to be in another.  The Universe has its own very special way of testing our creativity, our lot in life is to say..”OK, what are we doing today…. What are the tools and the means at hand.”  In my case yesterday, I took a break, did something else to clean my mind of the stalemate that I was experiencing.


When I returned to the problem I had been having, yup, it was still there…closing my eyes, I whispered Shikiri, Shikiri ( a PL prayer asking God’s blessing with a sincere promise to accomplish what we have to do…… knock, knock…. a friend came by and said, “oh simple”  she explained something to me that as she spoke, the “ping” happened in my gray matter… of course, I had known that, but it took another voice to unlock the solution ….  perfect timing, ?? she had been on her way home and just dropped in…  In PL we believe that this was the Universe responding to my silent plea.

My walls are now textured, no more strobing and I relearned a lesson….. Plus I got to spend time with a friend.  I accomplished that, by not skirting the matter, or putting it aside, but by dealing with it head on.  LOL not hiding under the bed….


Namaste   –   Oyashikiri





**theatomichouse.tumblr.com (abandoned water slide)

*** theswenglishhome.blogspot.com (Avoncliff,England)

**** cat,via Ely Sanchez

Buenos dias, bonjour, c’est jeudi matin!

Thursday and the start of the spring season.  LOL Mother Nature is still not decided in our neck of the woods.  We are going to have a mixed bag of weather.  No matter, I’m sure there will be a lot for us to enjoy and friends to greet, new places to explore.  What is on  your agenda today?

Frozen falls 4

I just heard a car drive by, it sounds wet out there, the snow must have turned to rain, just like it was predicted.  The drive to work today could be very sloppy, not to mention slippery in places.  Today’s lesson in Pl is about how we do things, how we use materials and events to express ourselves.  What value to we put on things and money. Hmmm, I confess to being someone who is not necessarily money driven, my creative side leans more towards activity and productivity. On a day like today, I would get up earlier so that I could miss the other commuters and if I was walking enjoy the walk through whatever weather was being offered up on that day, of drive through the silent streets towards my destination.  I would enjoy the pelting rain, or freezing ice for what it was, an expression of Mother Natures many forms of artistic displays.

The other day, a friend told me he’d gone snowshoeing in the woodlands behind his home.  It had been a day of clear blue skies, and fresh fallen snow.  His little adventure had sounded so peaceful.  This morning when I heard that car drive by, I was  taken back to the days I would walk several miles from my home into the office through the downtown of one city, (Hull,Quebec) in one Province over a bridge  past E.B.Eddy ( an  operating paper mill, with frozen water along one wall, which  tempted me to  do some ice climbing.(which I never followed through on).  My feet would make crunching sounds in the snow, since I was early and most others who would walk this way, had yet to make their way across into  Ottawa. Other days it was like walking over shards of ice some parts of the journey required ice cleats,  or the really wet days when you walked through  big wet puddles) =^_^=.

In this same location there is  the sound of rushing water  where the rapids churn and gurgle over the rocks.  It is a beautiful spot at any time of year.  When you got over the bridge, you were in Ontario, and in Ottawa (Canada’s capital). The trek led me across open fields where buildings that had been, were now long gone, and the buildings that were to come, were still ideas on some drafting table.   On the left there was a hidden gorge, where below the rapids provided a training ground for kayak enthusiast. If time permitted, I would stop to watch the activities.

There was/is a definite difference in the two cities, yet in their differences they merged into one giving this area a diversity that is both charming and inviting. Sophisticated,yet in many ways, so “down home”.  Those walks were peaceful for me, they  allowed me time to commune with nature and my thoughts .. by the time I walked through the now busier downtown core of the waking city, and got to the office, I was ready for my day. How do you prepare for your day?  Whatever you do, remember to practice using full Makoto (sincere effort).

ecc9d7464cfa4399c63d593fc9341e58Hey, wow, I enjoyed my walk down memory lane with you this morning, but of course, I enjoy all my time with you.  smiles at you  and offers up these pretty flowers to brighten your day.  Blessings..  today, tomorrow and always…      Oyashikiri


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