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boot scooting boogie

Its snowing, it is dark and I’m not ready to call it a day. I don’t often get time to just listen to music. Since I’ve started working with wool (roving) doing needle felting, I turned on YouTube, and up came George Strait doing Boot Scootin’ Boogie what a fun piece to work to. Lately everyone is so serious, things are so strained…the fun they( musicians) were having and the bouncing of the music was just what I needed.

I loved to dance.. in my younger day, we were out every night dancing ..we’d close the clubs. what happens to us .. well, ok to me. I can’t recall when I went out dancing, or even got up and danced! True I am busy and I do a lot of things I love doing.. Music however, where it was always a part of my “chilling” time.. is seldom something I gravitate to.

My father used to say ” the only thing in life that is constant is change”.. and that is very true for me. It was nice to take a trip down memory lane while listening to music this evening.

New doors to opportunity open for us everyday. it takes courage to step one foot in front of the other, it takes courage to step away from negative habits or thoughts. Our past is always part of us, with all we experience, we become who we are in the present. I am going to try to do more listening to music that makes me want to dance. =^_^=

If you have faith the size of mustard seed.. nothing will be impossible for you.

Matthew 17:20

The everyday things you do will show when it really counts. If you have a tendency to be careless about everyday matters, you cannot expect to perform well at crucial times.

Perfect Liberty 2020.3


Find your happy place.. and frequent it often. Q

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  1. Good song. Good morning to you!

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