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There is something about the evolution of a tree, and what we have learned about how it grows, the different types of wood, hardness, texture, colour. I am captivated when I walk into a workshop where wood is being worked on/with. I love the many shapes, forms and characteristics of the different species.

I never tire of discovering an old wooden building/structure

In Wakefield the other day, the wood workers shop was not open when we went, but I got to explore his outdoor work space. Wood everywhere, it was a mini paradise.

I know that pictures are not the same as being there, but I’m sure for those of you who love this kind of “setting” as much I do… you can almost smell the wooden wonder of the place. In the back of this property is a babbling brook. YES I not only got a visual “high” I had the ambience of the running water and clear blue skies. YuppeeDoooo!!!!

We all have different ways of feeling and thinking. Let’s always accept others differences and respect one another. Remember that “different strokes for different folks” is the key to having harmonious relationships with the people around us.

Perfect Liberty 2014.13

Thank YOU for sharing my journey, allowing me into your lives, I truly do appreciate you, and for sure, I love all the comments and feedback.


Comments on: "wood" (12)

  1. I love seeing large slabs of wood and imagining what could be made.

  2. Trees are amazing things, keeping the soil stable, producing oxygen from CO2, purifying the atmosphere and groundwater, storing up massive amounts of the sun’s energy in solid form, and building our houses furniture and warming our houses. The Lord had a plan.

  3. Those slabs are eyecatching… I love when the grain of wood is exposed, there’s such beauty in it. And the distinctive smell of freshly milled lumber– divine!

  4. I loved the vibe of the place. Definitely hope to get back there when the owner is there.

  5. In that one picture, that is a boat he has turned over and uses as a cover.. the neighbour said the inside of his place was even more “amazing”

    • It reminds me of a place I stopped at in Washington State. I was traveling by bicycle and the strap on my toe clip broke. I followed a sign that said ‘bike repairs’ to a place like this. All weathered wood with these amazing sculptures outside.

  6. I have never been a biker except the gold wing kind… my husband loved to bike, what is the farthest you have ever gone.. do you include outdoor camping when you bike?

  7. Yes! Rustic wood in all shapes and forms!

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